Birthdays of Personalities on November 6

xxxx :Corey Glover, rocker (Living Colour-Biscuits)
1479 :Johanna, the Insane, Queen of Castili‰ (1504-20)
1494 :Sulayman I, the Great, sultan of Turkey (1520-66)
1558 :Thomas Kyd, English dramatist (Spanish Tragedy)
1661 :Charles II, last Habsburg king of Spain (1665-1700)
1671 :Colley Cibber, England, dramatist/poet laureate (Love's Last Shift)
1746 :Absalom Jones, Delaware, born into slavery
1754 :Frederik I W K, 1st king of Wrttemberg (1806-16)
1771 :Alois Senefelder, inventor (lithography)
1796 :George Back, English sea officer/explorer (North Canada)
1814 :Adolphe Sax, Belgium, musician/inventor (saxophone)
1818 :Pavel Melnikov, Russian historian/author (V Lesach) [OS=Oct 25]
1822 :Gordon Granger, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1876
1832 :Joseph Smith, son of founder of Mormonism
1833 :Jonas LI Lie, Norwegian writer (Kommandírens díttre, Gaa paa)
1836 :Francis Ellingwood Abbot, Boston, theologian (Scientific Theism)
1838 :John Grant Mitchell, Bvt Mjr General (Union volunteers), died in 1894
1851 :Charles H Dow, co-founded Dow Jones/1st editor of Wall St Journal
1854 :John Phillip Sousa, Wash DC, march king (Stars & Stripes Forever)
1856 :Nicholas Nikolajevitsj, ruler of Russia
1867 :Marie Bregendahl, Danish author (Holger Hauge og hans Hustru)
1875 :Pompeo Aloisi, Italian baron/diplomat/senator
1879 :Eugen Varga, Hungarian/Russian economist/politician
1880 :Robert [Edler von] Musil, Austrian author (Young T”rless)
1885 :Emiel Poetou, Flemish sculptor
1887 :Walter Johnson, Kansas, Wash Senator pitcher (1907-27) (414-218)
1892 :John Alcock, English pilot (1st non-stop flight across Atlantic Ocean)
1892 :John Sigvard "Ole" Olsen, Wabash Ind, comedian (Olsen & Johnson)
1896 :Jim Jordan, Peoria IL, radio comedian (Fibber McGee)
1908 :Fanny Leys, Flemish author (Ontwijding)
1920 :John Smith, CEO (Liverpool FC)
1921 :James Jones, Robinson Ill, novelist (From Here to Eternity)
1923 :Clay Jones, gardener
1923 :Renato Capecchi, Italian violinist/baritone
1925 :Dirk de Vroome, [Red Giant], SS'er
1926 :Brian Abel-Smith, professor of Social Adminstration
1928 :Peter Matz, Pitts Pa, orch leader (Hullabaloo, Carol Burnette Show)
1932 :Stonewall Jackson, rocker
1933 :Joseph Pope, US singer (Hey Girl Don't Bother Me)
1936 :K Schippers, [Gerard Stigter], Dutch author
1936 :Mikhail Vladimirovich Sologub, Russian cosmonaut
1937 :Bas de Gaay Fortman, Dutch MP (PPR)
1938 :P J Proby, [James Marcus Smith], Houston Tx, rocker
1941 :Doug Sahm, San Antonio Texas, country singer (Texas Tornadoes-Dinero)
1941 :Guy Clark, Rockport Tx, country singer (Heartbroke)
1941 :James Bowman, English contratenor
1943 :Michael Schwerner, civil rights worker, murdered in 1964
1944 :Bill Henderson, Vancouver BC, rock vocalist/guitarist (Chilliwack)
1945 :Robert J Mrazek, (Rep-D-NY, 1983- )
1946 :Sally Field, Pasadena Calif, we really like her (Gidget, Flying Nun)
1947 :Doug Young, rocker (Flash In The Pan)
1947 :George Young, Glasgow Scotland, rock guitarist (Easybeats)
1947 :Jack Arnold, character on Wonder Years
1947 :John Wilson, rock drummer (Them)
1948 :Glenn Frey, Detroit Mich, rock vocalist (Eagles-Take it Easy)
1954 :Catherine Crier
1955 :Maria Shriver, [Mrs A Schwarzenegger], Chic, newscaster (Sunday Today)
1959 :Teri Peterson, Santa Monica Cal, playmate (July, 1980)
1960 :Lance Kerwin, Newport Beach Ca, (James at 15, The Loneliest Runner)
1969 :Bryan Abrams, Okla City, singer (Color Me Badd-I Want to Sex You Up)
1970 :Patrick Burke, CFL cornerback (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
1970 :Rich Braham, tackle (Cincinnati Bengals)
1973 :Taje Allen, kicker (St Louis Rams)



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