Birthdays of Personalities on November 28

xxxx :Jimmy D'Anda, rocker (Bulletboys-For the Love of Money)
xxxx :Matt Cameron, Wash, rock vocalist (Soundgarden-Badmotorfinger)
1607 :Pietro Sforza, Italian theologist: Istoria del Concilio di Trento
1628 :John Bunyan, England, cleric/author (Pilgrim's Progress)
1650 :John Palfijn, Flemish physician/inventor (forceps) [or Nov 25]
1704 :Jacob Mossel, governor-general (Dutch East Indies)
1757 :William Blake, English poet/painter (Songs of Innocence & Experience)
1770 :F Louise W, daughter of viceroy Willem V & Wilhelmina of Prussia
1777 :Georg A Kestner, German art collector/diplomat
1785 :Achille-Charles, duc de Broglie, French PM (1835-36)
1792 :Victor Cousin, French philosopher/minister of Education
1805 :John Stephens, US archaeologist; founded study of Central America
1810 :William Froude, England, engineer/naval architect
1811 :Maximilian II Jozef, king of Bayern (1848-64)
1820 :Friedrich Engels, Germany, social philosopher; Marx's collaborator
1820 :Lawrence O'Bryan Branch, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1862
1821 :Nikolai Nekrasov, Russ, poet/journalist (Who Can be Happy in Russia?)
1837 :John Wesley Hyatt, inventor (celluloid)
1849 :Albert J-BJ Th˜s, Belgian colonial pioneer (Congo)
1854 :Gottlieb J Haberlandt, Hungarians/German botanist
1857 :Alfonso XII, king of Spain (1874-85)
1864 :Carel A Lion Cachet, lithographer/wood carver
1866 :Henry Bacon, architect (Lincoln Memorial)
1878 :Jozef van Mierlo, Belgian Jesuit/literary (Hadewych)
1880 :Alexander A Block, Russian poet (Dvenatsat) [OS=11/16]
1880 :Marinus van Meel, 1st Dutch aviator
1881 :Stefan Zweig, Vienna Austria, poet/essayist/dramatist (Beware of Pity)
1887 :Bobby Watson, [Knucher], Springfield IL, comedian
1887 :Ernst R”hm, German staff member/Bolivian leader/SA
1887 :Jacobo Palm, Cura‡aos pianist/organist
1894 :Brooks Atkinson, drama critic (Broadway theater namesake)
1895 :Jos‚ Iturbi, Valencia Spain, pianist (Peque¤a danza Espa¤ola)
1897 :Uno Choyo, writer
1898 :Yuri N Libedinski, Ukrainian writer (Birth of Hero) [OS]
1904 :James O Eastland, (Sen-D-Miss)
1904 :Nancy Mitford, English author (Love in a cold climate)
1907 :Alberto Moravia, [Pincherle], Italian author (Indifferent Ones)
1908 :Arturo Frondizi, president Argentina (1958-62)
1908 :Claude L‚vi-Strauss, Belgium, social anthropologist (Structure Anthro)
1909 :Aleksandar Rankovic, Yugoslavic partisan/vice-premier
1912 :Heinz Galinski, President (Central council for Jews in Germany)
1912 :Morris Louis, US painter (post abstract)
1913 :Hugo Pos, Suriname/Neth WW II prosecutor of minor war crimes Tokyo
1916 :Lilian Baels, English 2nd wife of Belgian king Leopold III
1917 :Kees Schilperoort, Dutch radio/TV host
1922 :Helen Kinney Copley, newspaper publisher
1923 :Helen Delich Bentley, (Rep-R-MD, 1985- )
1923 :Phyllis Jenkins, literary & theatrical agent community activist
1923 :Ted Stevens, (Sen-R-AK, 1968- )
1924 :Kees [Gerrit C] Otten, Dutch flutist
1928 :Edward LeBone Molotlegi, chief of the Bafokeng
1929 :Berry Gordy Jr, Detroit, record company owner (Motown)
1931 :Dervla Murphy, travel author (Full Tilt, In Ethiopia with a Mule)
1931 :Ian Skipper, English businessman/multi-millionaire (Heritage Projects)
1931 :Rinus Ferdinandusse, editor/author (Nude on Fence)
1931 :Thomas Enders, diplomat
1932 :Ben[jamin William] Bova, US, sci-fi author (Exiled from Earth)
1932 :Ethel L Ennis, US orchestra leader/jazz singer (Once Again)
1932 :Terence Frisby, poet/screenwriter (There's a Girl in My Soup)
1933 :Joe Knollenberg, (Rep-R-Michigan)
1935 :Randolph Stow, author/poet (Suburbs of Hell)
1936 :Gary Hart, (Sen-D-Co, 1975-86)
1939 :Gary Troxel, rocker
1940 :Bruce Channel, rocker
1940 :Clem Curtis, rocker
1942 :Paul Warfield, NFL/WFL wide receiver (Cleveland, Miami, Memphis)
1943 :Randy Newman, New Orleans, vocalist (Short People, Love LA, Raindrops)
1946 :Susan Spencer, NY, correspondent (48 Hours) [1946 approx]
1948 :Beeb Birtles, [Gerard Birtlekamp], rock guitarist (Little River Band)
1949 :Hugh McKenna, rocker (Alex Harvey Band)
1949 :Paul Shaffer, Thunder Bay Ont, orch leader (SNL, David Letterman)
1949 :Victor Ostrovsky, Canadian/Israel, Mossad agent (By Way of Deception)
1956 :Kristine Arnold, Torrance, singer (Sweethearts of Rodeo-Midnight Girl)
1958 :David Van Day, rocker (Dollar-Loves Gotta Hold on Me)
1958 :Tim Mullens, Dutch singer/guitarist (Ivy green)
1959 :R Glynn Holt, Plainveiw Texas, PhD/astronaut (STS 73 alt)
1961 :Patty Zomer, Dutch singer (Dolly Dots)
1962 :Matt Cameron, musician (Soundgarden)
1963 :Walt Weiss, Tuxedo NY, shortstop (Oakland A's, Colorado Rockies)
1964 :Cornelia Guest, debutante (Debutante's Guide to Life)
1967 :Anna Nicole "Vickie" Smith, Houston Tex, playmate (May 1992)
1969 :Pedro Astacio, Hato Mayor Dom Rep, pitcher (LA Dodgers)
1971 :Karin Taylor, Kingston Jamacia, playmate (June, 1996)



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