Birthdays of Personalities on November 19

1600 :Charles I, king of England (1625-49); executed by Parliament
1600 :Lieuwe van Aitzema, Dutch historian (Matters of State & War)
1607 :Erasmus Quellinus II, [Quellien], Flemish painter/etcher
1616 :Eustache Le Sueur, French painter
1696 :Louis Tocqu‚, French painter
1711 :Michail V Lomonosov, Russian scholar/poet
1752 :George Rogers Clark, frontier military leader in Revolutionary War
1770 :Albert Bertel Thorvaldsen, Copenhagen Denmark, sculptor (Dying Lion)
1770 :Bertel Thowwaldsen, Danish sculptor
1799 :Ren‚-Auguste Cailli‚, French explorer
1805 :Ferdinand de Lesseps, France, diplomat (built Suez Canal)
1810 :August Willich, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1878
1811 :John Ancrum Winslow, Comm (Union Navy), died in 1873
1827 :Isaac Munroe St John, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1880
1831 :James A Garfield, Ohio, gen/(R) 20th Pres (March 4-Sept 19, 1881)
1833 :Wilhelm Dilthey, German philosopher (Das Leben Schleiermans)
1834 :Georg H Quincke, German physicist (test of Quincke)
1835 :Fitzhugh Lee, Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1905
1846 :Emile C Wauters, Belgium, painter (Van der Goes in the Red Monastery)
1859 :Mikhail Mikhayl Ippolitov-Ivanov, Russia, musician (Armenian Rhapsody)
1875 :Michael I Kalinin, Russian metal worker/head of state
1879 :Karel van den Oever, Flemish author/poet (Geuzenstad)
1886 :Fernand Crommelynck, Belgian playwright (Le Cocu Magnificent)
1899 :Allen Tate, US, poet (Mr Pope & Other Poems)
1900 :Anna Seghers, [Netty Radvanyi-Reiling], German author (7th Cross)
1903 :Fritz Schmidt, German street photographer
1904 :Jacob "Jaap" Nanninga, Dutch painter
1905 :Tommy Dorsey, Mahanoy Plane Pa, orch leader (Stage Show, Mahogany)
1909 :Rose Isabel Williams, sister of Tennessee Williams
1912 :Alo‹s Blommaert, Flemish literary (Difficult Beginning)
1912 :George E Palade, Romanian/US cell biologist (ribosomen, Nobel 1974)
1917 :Indira Gandhi, Allahabad India, Indian PM (1966-77, 1980-84)
1918 :Catherine Elizabeth Pennington, personal assistant
1919 :George Fenneman, Peking China, TV announcer (You Bet Your Life)
1920 :Ursula Heathcote Nicholls, campaigner
1921 :Roy Campanella, Bkln Dodger catcher (NL MVP 1951/53/55)
1922 :Stanley K Runcorn, British geophysicist (Doctor of Utrecht)
1926 :Jeane J Kirkpatrick, Duncan Okla, US ambassador to UN (R)
1931 :Brook Benton, soul vocalist (Rainy Night in Georgia)
1933 :Larry King, NYC, radio/TV host "143 Arivadechi" (Larry King Show, CNN)
1934 :Dave Guard, rocker
1934 :David Lloyd-Jones, conductor
1935 :John F Welch Jr, Salem Mass, CEO (GE)
1936 :Dick Cavett, Kearney Neb, talk show host (Dick Cavett Show)
1937 :Ray Collins, rocker (Mothers of Invention)
1938 :Hank Medress, Brooklyn NY, rocker (Tokens-Lion Sleeps Tonight)
1938 :Ted Turner, broadcasting mogul/owns (Atlanta Braves)/won America's Cup
1939 :Garrick Utley, Chic Ill, newscaster (1st Tuesday, NBC Weekend)
1939 :Pete Moore, Detroit MI, rocker (Miracles)
1939 :Thomas Harkin, (Sen-D-Iowa, 1985- )
1939 :Warren "Pete" Moore, US singer (Miracles-Tears of a Clown)
1942 :Calvin Klein, Bronx, NY, fashion designer (Calvin Klein Jeans, CK)
1942 :Gary L Ackerman, (Rep-D-NY, 1983- )
1944 :Charlie Coe, rock bassist (Paul Revers & The Raiders)
1946 :Joe Correro, Greenwood Ms, rock drummer (Paul Revers & The Raiders)
1947 :Lamar Smith, (Rep-R-Texas)
1949 :Mickey Lee Davis Jr, Tenn, murderer (FBI Most Wanted List)
1951 :Timothy J Penny, (Rep-D-MN, 1983- )
1954 :Annette Guest, US singer (First Choice)
1954 :Tom Scheckel, Chicago IL, rock drummer (Buckinghams)
1956 :Eileen Marie Collins, Elmira NY, Mjr USAF/Astronaut (STS 63, 84)
1959 :Jean-Francois Clervoy, Longeville France, astronaut (STS 66, 84)
1960 :"Lovely" Elizabeth, Frankfurt Ky, WWF's 1st lady of wrestling
1960 :Matt Sorum, US pop drummer (Guns n' Roses, Like a Suicide) [or Nov 2]
1961 :Meg Ryan, Bethel Ct, actr (When Harry Met Sally, As the World Turns)
1969 :S rka Lukesov , 1st playmate in Czechoslovkian Playboy (May, 1991)
1973 :Savion Glover, dancer/choreographer (Bring in 'da Noise)
1977 :Lady Davina EAB Windsor, daughter of English prince Richard
1997 :Alexis May McCaughey, Iowa, septuplets (2)
1997 :Brandon James McCaughey, Iowa, septuplets (5)
1997 :Joel Steven McCaughey, Iowa, septuplets (7)
1997 :Kelsey Ann McCaughey, Iowa, septuplets (4)
1997 :Kenneth Robert McCaughey, Iowa, septuplets (1)
1997 :Natalie Sue McCaughey, Iowa, septuplets (3)
1997 :Nathaniel Roy McCaughey, Iowa, septuplets (6)



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