Birthdays of Personalities on November 10

1433 :Charles of Charolais, the Bold, Duke of Burgundy/polyglot
1467 :Charles of Egmond, duke of Gelre/earl of Zutphen [or Nov 9]
1483 :Martin Luther, Eisleben Germany, founded Protestantism
1566 :Robert Devereux 2nd earl of Essex/cousin/lover of Elizabeth I
1577 :Jacob Cats, [Father Cats], Dutch grand pensionary/poet (Houwelyck)
1683 :George II [August], king of England (1727-60)
1697 :William Hogarth, England, satiric painter/engraver (Rake's Progress)
1730 :Oliver Goldsmith, Ireland, novelist/dramatist (She Stoops to Conquer)
1759 :Frederich von Schiller, Germany, poet/lyricist (Ode to Joy)
1793 :Jared Kirtland, US, physician/naturalist/reformed penitentiaries
1819 :Cyrus West Field, financier/success of 1st transatlantic cable
1827 :Alfred Howe Terry, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1890
1830 :Albert Gallatin Jenkins, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1864
1834 :Jos‚ Hernandez, Argentina poet (Mart¡n Fierro)
1834 :Wager Swayne, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1902
1844 :John S D Thompson, (C), 4th PM of Canada (1892-94)
1851 :Waldemar Brígger, Norway, geologist/mineralogist (Metamict State)
1855 :Josiah Royce, US, philosopher (conception of God)
1861 :Robert T A Innes, Edinburgh Scotland, astronomer (Proxima Centauri)
1871 :Winston Churchill, US, author (Crisis, Crossing)
1879 :Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, US, poet (Gen William Booth enters Heaven)
1880 :Aart A van Schelven, Dutch church historian (Willem of Orange)
1880 :Jacob Epstein, sculptor (Adam, Jacob & the Angel)
1882 :Max Mell, Austria officer/literary (Donauweibchen)
1884 :Jan van Nijlen, Flemish poet/author (Bird Phoenix)
1887 :Arnold Zweig, German antifascist/author (Erziehung vor Verdun)
1888 :Andrej N Tupolev, Russian aircraft builder
1895 :John Knudsen Northrop, aircraft designer (Northrop Air)
1902 :Murk Ozinga, Dutch building historian (Monuments of Cura‡ao)
1907 :Jane Froman, St Louis Mo, singer (Jane Froman's USA Canteen)
1913 :Alvaro Cunhal, Portuguese communist
1913 :Arthur Mullard, comedian
1913 :Thelma Hulbert, painter
1916 :Billy May, Pitts Pa, orch leader (Milton Berle Show)
1918 :Ernst Fischer, German chemist (Nobel 1973)
1918 :Jack McCoy, Akron Ohio, TV host (Live Like a Millionaire)
1918 :Oda Blinder, [Yolanda Corsen], Antillean poetess (Doorstep)
1919 :Moise Tshombe, pres of Katanga, then premier of the Congo (Za‹re)
1927 :Jacob Pleydell-Bouvery 8th earl of Radnor/art collector
1928 :William Staveley, British admiral
1929 :Wout Wagtmans, cyclist (Romandi‰ 1952)
1930 :Clarence M Pendleton Jr, chairman of US comm on Civil Rights (1981-88)
1934 :Norm Cash, Eldorado Texas, 1st baseman (Detroit Tigers)
1935 :Ronald Ellwin Evans, St Francis Ks, Captain USN/astronaut (Apollo 17)
1939 :Tommy "Bubba" Facenda, rocker
1940 :Screaming Lord Sutch, rocker
1944 :Dave Loggins, singer (Please come to Boston)
1944 :Tim Rice, lyricist (Chess Moves, 1 Night in Bangkok)
1945 :Donna Fargo, NC, country singer (Happiest Girl in Whole USA)
1946 :Bill Bryson, Evanston Ill, singer (Desert Rose Band-Love Reunited)
1946 :David Stockman, Reagan's ex-budget director
1947 :Bechir Gemayel, pres Lebanon (8/23-9/14, 1982)
1948 :Greg Lake, rock vocalist/bassist (King Crimson, ELP)
1952 :Pat Severs, Camden SC, country singer (Pirates of Miss-Fred Jake)
1954 :Mario Cipollina, California, rock bassist (Huey Lewis & The News)
1955 :Jack Clark, Penns, all star outfielder (Giants, Cards, Yanks, Padres)
1957 :Chris Joyce, rocker (Simply Red)
1957 :Jodi Anderson, Chicago Ill, US long jump champ (1978-81)
1959 :Frank Maudsley, rock bassist/vocalist (Flock Of Seagulls)
1961 :Junior, [Norman Giscombe], R&B singer (Mama used to Say)
1985 :David Lee Rohr Jr, transplant donor



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