Birthdays of Personalities on May 29

1630 :Charles II, King of England (1660-85)
1673 :Cornelis van Bijnkershoek, lawyer/president of High Council
1716 :Louis J M Daubenton, French zoologist
1736 :Patrick Henry, US, patriot "Give me liberty or give me death"
1810 :Erasmus Darwin Keyes, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1895
1810 :Juan B Alberdi, [Figarillo], Argentina politician/writer
1810 :Solomon Meredith, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1875
1824 :Cadmus Marcellus Wilcox, Major General (Confederate Army)
1825 :David Bell Birney, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1864
1826 :Ebenezer Butterick, inventor (tissue paper dress pattern)
1827 :Reuben Lindsay Walker, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1890
1837 :Alexander F de Savornin Lohmann, Dutch minister/party leader (CHU)
1840 :Hans Makart, Austrian painter (Plague in Florenz)
1846 :Albert Gy”rgy earl Apponyi, Hungarian minister of Education
1851 :L‚on VA Bourgeois, French premier (1895-96, Nobel 1920)
1864 :A H Borgesius, Dutch amateur astronomer
1874 :Gilbert Keith Chesterton, England, novelist (Man Who Made Gold)
1880 :Oswald Spengler, Germany, philosopher (Decline of West)
1885 :Erwin F Finlay-Freundlich, British astronomer (theory of relativity)
1892 :Alfonsina Storni, Argentine poet (La inquietud del rosal)
1896 :George L Funke, botanist (Flower Physiology)
1903 :Bob Hope, [Leslie Townes], Kent England, entertainer (famous profile)
1904 :Robert Knox, bacteriologist
1906 :Terence Hanbury White, Bombay India, novelist (England Have My Bones)
1907 :Desmond Shawe-Taylor, critic
1909 :Neil R[onald] Jones, US, sci-fi author (Space War, Twin Worlds)
1910 :Agnes Beatrice Read, medical social worker
1911 :James Marjoribanks, British ambassador
1911 :Louis Wain, agricultural scientist
1912 :John B M R "John" Hanlo, Dutch poet (Go to the Mosque)
1913 :Douglas Black, physician
1915 :David Jenklins, librarian (National Library of Wales)
1915 :Igor Buketoff, Hartford Conn, conductor (Iceland Symph 1964-65)
1915 :Lord Huntingfield, British agent to UN Secreteriat
1916 :Carl M Story, fiddler
1917 :John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Mass, (Sen-D-Mass), 35th Pres (1961-1963)
1918 :Herb Shriner, humorist/TV host (Herb Shriner Show)
1920 :Robin Haydon, British diplomat
1921 :George Terry, chief constable (Sussex England)
1923 :Earl of Morley, Lord Lt (Devon)
1923 :Richard Worsley, quarter master General
1925 :Kenneth Couzens, CEO (Coal Products)
1927 :Carl Toms, stage designer (1 Million BC, Moon Zero Two)
1927 :Dick Hillenius, Dutch biologist/writer
1927 :Trevor Holdsworth, CEO (National Power)
1928 :Felix Rohatyn, Vienna Austria, investment banker (NY Big MAC Bonds)
1929 :Anthony Grant, British MP
1929 :Katie Boyle, [Lady Sander Saunders], British broadcaster
1929 :Kennetgh Couzens, CEO (Coal Products)
1930 :Eleanor Fazan, opera/show choreographer (Lassiter, Ruling Class)
1931 :Carl Toms, stage designer
1932 :Paul Erlich
1935 :Andr‚ P Brink, South African writer (Dry White Season)
1935 :Denis J Worrall, South African politician/leader (DP)
1935 :Martin Garrod, Commandant General (Royal Marines)
1937 :Alwin Schockemohle, horse show jumper
1937 :Irmin Schmidt, rocker (Can)
1939 :Al Unser, auto racer (Indianapolis 500-1970, 71)
1939 :Martin Garrod, Commandant General Royal Marines
1941 :Douglas Scott, mountaineer
1941 :Roy Crewsdon, Manchester, rocker (Freddie & The Dreamers)
1943 :Bob Edgar, (Rep-D-PA, 1975-87)
1943 :E Thomas Coleman, (Rep-R-MO, 1976- )
1943 :Terry Pavey, editor (TV Times)
1944 :Quentin Davies, MP (C)
1945 :Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, Minister of State (Scotland)
1945 :Martin Pipe, horse trainer
1945 :Mike Rossi, rocker (Status Quo)
1947 :Mark Nelson, Brooklyn NY, crew member (Biosphere 2)
1949 :Francis Rossi, guitarist (Status Quo-Picture of a Matchstick Man)
1949 :Gary Brooker, rock keyboardist (Procol Harum)
1952 :Louise Cooper, UK, sci-fi author (Nemesis, Inferno, Infanta, Nocturne)
1955 :John Hinckley Jr, shot & wounded Pres Reagan (1981)
1955 :Mike Porcaro, rock bassist (Toto-Roseanna, Africa)
1956 :Greg R, rocker (Bad)
1956 :Larry Blackmon, rocker (Cameo-Alligator Woman)
1959 :Mel Gaynor, Glasgow Scotland, rock drummer (Simple Minds-Water Front)
1961 :David Palmer, heavy metal drummer (ABC, AC/DC)
1962 :Eric Davis, LA CA, outfielder (Cin Reds)
1965 :Charlie Hayes, Hattisburg MS, 3rd baseman (Pitts Pirates, NY Yankees)
1967 :Bill Risley, Chicago IL, pitcher (Toronto Blue Jays)
1967 :Ray Bernard, CFL linebacker (Montreal Alouettes)
1969 :Toby Borland, Quitman LA, pitcher (Phila Phillies)
1972 :Kevin McDougal, CFL quarterback (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
1973 :Tiffany M Sloan, Orange county Calif, playmate (Oct, 1992)
1974 :Kenny Bynum, running back (San Diego Chargers)
1974 :Robyn Petroskey, Minneapolis Minn, figure skater (1996 Midwest champ)
1975 :Melanie Janine Brown, "Scary Spice", Leeds, vocalist (Spice Girls)
1975 :Shoshanna Lonstein, NYC, girlfriend (Jerry Seinfeld)
1980 :Val‚rie Hould-Marchand, Riviere-Du-Loup QU, synchro swim (Oly-silv-96)
1989 :Danielle Riley Keough, grand daughter of Elvis Presley



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