Birthdays of Personalities on May 24

1544 :William Gilbert, Essex England, physicist (researcher into magnetism)
1605 :Nikon, [Nikita Minin], patriarch of Russian-orthodox church
1619 :Philips Wouwerman(s), Dutch painter
1650 :John Churchill, 1st duke of Marlborough, English general strategist
1738 :George III, king of Great-Britain (1760-1820)
1743 :Jean-Paul Marat, France, revolutionist
1751 :Charles Emanuel II, King of Sardina (1796-1802)
1753 :Oliver Cromwell, Burlington NJ, black who served with Washington
1794 :William Whewell, British philosopher (History of Inductive Science)
1803 :Charles LJL Bonaparte, Corsican/French prince of Canino/Musignano
1807 :Cornelis E van Koetsveld, vicar/literature
1807 :Thomas Duncan, painter
1810 :Abraham Geiger, theologian/author/leader of Reform Judaism
1811 :Charles Clark, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1877
1816 :Emanuel Leutze, US, painter (Washington Crossing the Delaware)
1816 :Robert Seaman Granger, (Union Army Bvt Major general, died in 1894)
1819 :Victoria Alexandrine, Queen of Great Britain (1837-1901)
1838 :Paul Laband, German lawyer
1840 :Frederick Walker, painter
1841 :Charles Napier Henry, painter
1850 :Ernest Albert Waterlow, water-color painter
1852 :Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham, author/politician
1854 :Louis Mountbatten, admiral (WW I)
1855 :Arthur Wing Pinero, British playwright
1858 :Johan C Braakensiek, political cartoonist (Green Amsterdammer)
1866 :Armando Frid, Argentina, live until July 28 1990 (124 years)
1870 :Jan Christian Smuts, proponnent of Commonwealth & League of Nations
1878 :Lillian Moller Gilbreth, engineer (CIOS Gold Medal-1954)
1891 :Benedictus H Danser, Dutch botanist
1891 :William F Albright, US old testament scholar/archaeologist
1893 :W H Walter Baade, German/US astronomer (Andromeda)
1895 :Samuel I Newhouse, US millionaire publisher (Parade, Vogue, Glamour)
1898 :Kathleen Hale, British children book writer/illustrator (Orlando)
1904 :Kenneth Buckley, British rear-admiral
1904 :Patrick Johnson, physicist
1905 :Mikhail Sholokhov, USSR, writer (And Quiet Flows the Don, Nobel 1965)
1906 :Edmund Sargant, solicitor
1908 :Michael Roberts, historian
1909 :Guillermo Diaz-Plaja, Spanish literary/poet (Lorca)
1909 :Louis Frnberg, writer
1909 :Wilbur Mills, (Rep-D-Ark)/involved with Fanne Foxe
1912 :Joan Hammond, British operatic soprano
1913 :Willi Daume, olympic organizer
1914 :Clifford Irving, Chairman (Isle of Man Govt)
1914 :George Tabori, writer
1916 :Roden Cutler, Governor (New South Wales)
1917 :Derek Hodgson, British high court judge
1917 :Lord Campbell of Alloway, QC
1917 :Theodore Hesburgh, Syracuse NY, president (Notre Dame)
1918 :Coleman A Young, civil rights leader (Mayor-D-Detroit)
1918 :D V Jennings, solicitor
1923 :Paul Bramley, oral surgeon
1925 :Fran‡ois J [Frank] le Roux, chief whip (South Afr Conserv Party)
1927 :John Kelly Jr, US, sculls (Oly-bronze-1956)/brother of Grace Kelly
1927 :Martinus J Mentz, South African MP (Conservative)
1927 :Timothy Beven, CEO (Barclays Bank)
1928 :Peter Griffiths, MP
1928 :William Trevor, Brit writer (Children of Dynmouth, Fools of Fortune)
1930 :Ivor Richardson, Judge (NZ Court of Appeals)
1932 :Arnold Wesker, British playwright (Bratkartoffeln Inbegriffen)
1932 :Graham Arnold, artist
1932 :James Anderton, Chief constable (Manchester England)
1932 :Terence Heiser, British senior civil servant
1933 :Christopher Staughton, British Lord Justice of Appeal
1933 :Joaqu¡n Vaquero Turcios, Spanish painter
1933 :Tony Mullett, dir-general (National Criminal Intelligence Service)
1934 :Jane Byrne, (Mayor-D-Chic)
1939 :Gert J Schutte, Dutch MP (GPV)
1940 :Joseph Brodsky, USSR, author (Less than 1, Nobel 1987)
1941 :Baroness Hollis of Heigham, history lecturer (U of East Anglia)
1941 :Martin Mogg, governor (British Durham Prison)
1941 :Tony Valentino, rocker (Standells-Dirty Water)
1942 :Derek Quinn, guitarist (Freddie & Dreamers-I'm Telling You Now)
1942 :Sarah Dash, Trenton NJ, rocker (LaBelle-Lady Marmalade)
1943 :James Levine, British conductor
1944 :Arthur Brown, rock vocalist (Fire) [or Jun 24]
1945 :Richard Ottaway, MP
1945 :Steven Norris, British MP
1946 :Irina Kirszenstein Szewinska, Lenningrad, long jumper (Oly-bron-1972)
1946 :Jeremy Treglown, English scholar/editor (TLS)
1946 :Steve Upton, rock drummer (Wishbone Ash-There's the Rub, Locked In)
1947 :Luke Rittner, sect-gen (Arts Council)
1949 :John Illsley, rocker (Dire Straits)
1951 :Rob Baker, rock drummer (Red Rider)
1951 :Ronald A Parise, Warren Ohio, PhD/astronaut (STS 35, STS 67)
1955 :Thad Ackel, horse trainer
1956 :Helen Terry, rocker (Now You're Mine)
1957 :John G Rowland, (Rep-R-CT, 1985- )
1959 :George Glanos, horse trainer
1962 :Bev Lidyoff, Huntington Park Ca, WPVA volleyballer (US Open-7th-1994)
1964 :Elizabeth McColgan, British running star (world record 5 km indoor)
1966 :Tommy Turner, jockey
1967 :Heavy D, rapper
1967 :Steve McDonald, rocker (Redd Kross)
1968 :Jerry Dipoto, Jersey City NJ, pitcher (NY Mets)
1969 :Rich Robinson, rocker (Black Crowes-Shake Your Money Maker)
1970 :Nick Castaneda, Birmingham Ala, pairs skater (& Dawn Piepenbrink)
1970 :Thomas Alden Page, Glenridge NJ, rocker (New Kids-Hangin' Tough)
1971 :Paul Ragusa, Bulach Switz, Canadian 48 kg freestyle wrestler (Oly-96)
1972 :Danny Bautista, Santo Domingo Dom Rep, outfielder (Atlanta Braves)
1974 :Marcus Coleman, free safety (NY Jets)
1981 :Shelby Lyons, Oswego NY, pairs skater (& Wells-1995 Midwest champ)
1982 :? Samane, S Afr, son of Christine, heaviest baby (22 lbs 8 oz/10.2 kg)
1996 :Matthew Eappen, Boston Mass, baby murdered by nanny Louise Woodward



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