Birthdays of Personalities on May 22

1671 :Abraham Patras, governor-general of East-Indies (1735-37)
1804 :John William (Turk) Livingston, Commander (Union Navy), died in 1885
1808 :G de Nerval, writer
1821 :Alfred Sully, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1879
1828 :Albrecht Gr„fe, pioneer eye surgeon; founded modern ophthalmology
1844 :Mary Cassatt, US, Impressionist painter (Woman Bathing)
1859 :Arthur Conan Doyle, UK, author brought Sherlock Holmes to life twice
1862 :August Cuppens, Flemish author/pastor
1874 :Daniel F Malan, premier of South-Africa (1948-54)
1879 :Hendrik Heyman, Belgian minister of N˜verheid/mayor
1891 :J R Becher, writer
1891 :Robert Gordon Sproul, educator/college pres (Univ of Calif)
1892 :Louis van Tulder, Dutch tenor (From Office Stool to High C)
1895 :Jiddu Krishnamurti, India, philosopher (Songs of Life) [OS=May 12]
1897 :Robert Neumann, Austrian/British author (Waters of Babylon)
1902 :Al Simmons, Milwaukee, outfielder (A's)/lifetime batting avg of .334
1904 :Anne de Vries, writer (Bartje)
1906 :Harry Ritz, US comic (Ritz Brothers-Silent Movie)
1907 :Herg‚, [Georges R‚mi], Belgian cartoonist (Kuifje)
1910 :Johnny Olson, TV announcer (Price is Right)
1911 :Anatol Rapoport, Russ/US mathem/biologist (game theory)
1912 :Hendrik Koekoek, Dutch MP (Farmers Party)
1914 :Vance Packard, Granville Summit Pa, author (Hidden Persuaders)
1917 :Jean-Louis Laffitte Curtis, novelist
1918 :David Land, impressario
1919 :Paul Vanden Boeynants, premier Belgium (1966-68, 1978-79)
1920 :Hugh Armstrong Clegg, industrial relations academic
1920 :Thomas Gold, astronomer (proposed steady-state theory of universe)
1922 :Judith Crist, NY, movie critic (TV Guide)
1925 :Jean Tinguely, Swiss sculptor artist (movement objects)
1928 :T Boone Pickens, CEO (Shamrock, Mesa Petroleum Co)
1930 :Dieuwke Y W de Graaff-Nauta, Dutch undersecretary of the Interior
1931 :Kenny Ball, rocker
1933 :John Browning, Denver Colorado, pianist (Leventritt Award-1956)
1934 :Peter Nero, NYC, conductor/pianist (A Sunday in NY)
1940 :Bernard Shaw, news correspondant (CBS, CNN)
1942 :Calvin Simon, US rock vocalist (Funkadelic-1 Nation Under a Groove)
1942 :Malika A Sabirova, Russian dancer
1942 :Pallo Jordan, South African ANC member/heads (Radio Freedom)
1943 :Tommy John, pitcher (Yankee/Dodger)
1948 :Richard Baker, (Rep-R-Louisiana)
1950 :Bernie Taupin, lyricist (writes with Elton John)
1952 :Jan Todd, woman power lifter, once lifted 248 kg in a squat
1953 :John Edward Stevens, NYC, bank robber (FBI Most Wanted List)
1954 :Jerry Dammers, keyboardist (Specials-Special)
1955 :Iva Davies, rock guitarist/vocalist (Icehouse)
1955 :Sam Coppersmith, (Rep-D-Arizona)
1959 :Morrissey, British rock vocalist (Everyday is Like Sunday)
1959 :[Patrick] Morrissey, rocker (Depeche Mode-Somebody)
1964 :David Lidberg, jockey
1966 :Jose Mesa, Azua Dom Rep, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)
1968 :Alan Levine, Park Ridge IL, pitcher (Chic White Sox)
1969 :Vaughn Eshelman, Philadelphia PA, pitcher (Boston Red Sox)
1970 :Clyde Johnson, cornerback (KC Chiefs)
1973 :Aaron Graham, corner (Arizona Cardinals)
1973 :Julian Tavarez, Santiago Dom Rep, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)
1974 :Greg Jones, linebacker (Washington Redskins)



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