Birthdays of Personalities on May 13

1314 :Sergius of Radonesh, Russian saint
1592 :John Cloppenburg, vicar/theologist
1655 :Innocent XIII, [Michelangiolo dei Conti], Italy, 244th Pope (1721-24)
1717 :Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria (Wife of emperor Franz I)
1729 :Henry William (Baron) Stiegel, early American glassmaker
1730 :Charles Watson-Wentworth 2nd marquis of Rockingham, Engl PM (1765-76)
1730 :Marquess of Rockingham, (Whig), British PM (1765-66, 1782)
1761 :Adrian Loosjes Pzn, publisher/writer (Mauritius Lijnslager)
1769 :Joƒo VI M L J, King of Portugal (1816-26)
1792 :Pius IX "Pio Nono", [Giovanni-Maria Mastai-Ferretti], Pope (1846-78)
1795 :Joshua Ratoon Sands, Commander (Union Navy), died in 1883
1828 :Josephine Elizabeth Butler, social reformer
1830 :Zebulon Baird Vance, Governor (Confederacy), died in 1894
1831 :Willem baron of Goltstein of Oldenaller, Dutch minister of Colonies
1840 :Alphonse Daudet, writer
1840 :L-M Alphonse Daudet, French writer (Tartarin of Tarascon)
1843 :Count Paul J Smet de Naeyer, Belgian politician
1856 :Peter Henry Emerson, 1st to promote photography as an independent art
1857 :Ronald Ross, England, pathologist (Nobel 1902)
1867 :Frank Brangwyn, Wales, painter/muralist/cartoonist (Willam Morris)
1882 :Georges F Broque, French cubist painter (Bike)
1883 :Henk JFM Sneevliet, leader RSAP/editor Spartacus (Dutch-Indies)
1900 :Jos Panhuysen, author (Pornographer)
1903 :Alfred Pugsley, civil engineer
1904 :Alfred Earle Birney, poet
1906 :Thomas Mitchell, architect/engineer
1907 :Austin Whitaker, schoolmaster classical scholar/archivist
1907 :Daphne du Maurier, English writer (Rebecca, Parasites)
1907 :Laurence Kirwan, archaeologist
1908 :Michael Richardson, commandant (Home for Disabled Sailors)
1913 :Sanjiva Reddy, president (India)
1913 :William R Tolbert, president Liberia (1971-80)
1914 :Joe Louis, world heavyweight boxing champion (1937-49)
1915 :John Habakkuk, principal (Jesus College in Oxford)
1917 :Paul Osmond, British senior civil servant
1917 :Wilhelmus C Wijen, [Broeder Pius], social worker (Cura‡ao)
1918 :John Johnston, British diplomat (Rhodesia, Malaysia)
1920 :Ratu Kasmisere Mara, PM of Fiji (1960-70, 70- )/pres (1994- )
1921 :Syd[ney G] Vincent, British mine workers leader
1927 :Clive Barnes, drama critic (NY Times, NY Post)
1930 :Mike Gravel, (Sen-R-Alaska)
1931 :Eileen Diss, theatrical designer (August, Secret Places, Betrayal)
1931 :Jim Jones, reverend, poisoned over 100 in Guyana (Jonestown Massacre)
1931 :William Utting, chief inspector (British Social Services)
1933 :Sid Morrison, (Rep-R-WA, 1981- )
1934 :Adolf Muschg, writer
1936 :Alan Rayfield, governor (Long Latin Prison)
1937 :John Cope, MP/Paymaster General
1937 :Judith Somogi, NYC, conductor (Frankfurt Opera-1982)
1937 :Roger [Joseph] Zelazny, sci-fi author (6 Hugos, Chronicles of Amber)
1939 :Anthony Hide, racehorse trainer
1939 :William W Cobey Jr, (Rep-R-NC, 1985-87)
1940 :Bruce Chatwin, England, writer (On the Black Hill)
1942 :Jim Douglas, jazz guitarist
1942 :Vladimir A Dzhanibekov, USSR, cosmo (Soyuz 27, 39, T-6, T-12, T-13)
1944 :Betsy Finley Ashton, broadcast journalist/author/lecturer
1944 :Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw, British explorer/genealogist
1945 :Magic Dick, [Richard Salwitz], harmonicaist (J Geils Band-Centerfold)
1946 :Danny Klein, NYC, rock bassist (J Geils Band-Centerfold)
1947 :Pete "Overend" Watts, rock bassist (Mott The Hoople-All Young Dudes)
1947 :Stephen R Donaldson, US, sci-fi author (Lord Foul's Bane)
1949 :John Glover, conductor
1949 :Overend Watts, rock bassist (Mott the Hoople-All the Young Dudes)
1950 :Danny Kirwan, rocker (Fleetwood Mac)
1950 :Peter Gabriel, rocker (Genesis-Against All Odds)
1951 :Paul Thompson, rock drummer (Roxy Music)
1951 :Selina Scott, TV newscaster (West 57th)
1952 :John R Kasich, (Rep-R-OH, 1983- )
1952 :Manfred Langer, Austrian/Dutch disco builder
1956 :Aleksandr Yuriyevich Kaleri, Russia, cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-14)
1956 :Darius Rucker, lead vocalist (Hootie & the Blowfish-Let Her Cry)
1957 :Claudie Andr‚-Deshays, France, cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-24)
1957 :Eloise Broady, Houston Tx, playmate (Apr, 1988)
1959 :Robert Earnshaw, racehorse trainer
1960 :Shannon Vessup-Millen, LA Calif, WPVA volleyballer (National-9th-1991)
1963 :Julian Brookhouse, rocker (Curiosity Killed Cat-Keep Your Distance)
1964 :Jose Rijo, pitcher (NY Yankees, Cin Reds)
1969 :Lyle Mouton, Lafayette Louisiana, outfielder (Chic White Sox)
1971 :Michael Sirotka, Chicago IL, pitcher (Chic White Sox)
1974 :Albert Connell, wide receiver (Washington Redskins)
1977 :Diane Halber, Torrance Calif, fig skater (1996 Natl Collegiate champ)



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