Birthdays of Personalities on March 6

1405 :Johan II, King of Castille
1459 :Jacob Fugger, German banker/merchant
1475 :Michelangelo, painter (David)
1483 :Francesco Guicciardini, Ital attorney/president of Romagna
1492 :Jean Luis Vives, Spanish theory/humanist/reformer
1495 :Luigi Alamanni, Italian poet (Opere Toscane, La Coltivazione)
1619 :Cyrano de Bergerac, famous nose, playwright (Voyage to the Moon)
1698 :John Alberti, Dutch theologist/philologist
1740 :Giovanni Meli, Siclian poet (Buccolica)
1761 :Earl d'Andr‚ossi, French general/member of parliament
1765 :Jan Kops, Dutch agronomist/vicar
1787 :Joseph von Fraunhofer, Germany, physicist (studied Sun's spectrum)
1791 :Anna Claypoole Peale, painted miniatures
1806 :Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poet (Sonnets from the Portuguese)
1812 :Aaron Lufkin Dennison, father of American watchmaking
1820 :Horatio Gouverneur Wright, Major General (Union volunteers)
1831 :Friedrich C K von Bodelschwingh, German theologist (Home Mission)
1831 :Philip Henry Sheridan, Albany NY, Major General (Union Army)
1835 :Charles Ewing, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1883
1890 :Fernand Ansseau, Belgian operator/theory (Orfeo)
1893 :Kathleen Smoothy, housewife (last link to Siege of SIdney Street)
1893 :[Walter] Furry Lewis, father of the blues
1898 :Jo[hanne M Bos-]Vincent, Dutch soprano (Matth„us Passion)
1900 :John Henry Pyle Pafford, librarian (University of London)
1909 :Obafemi Awolowo, Nigeria, pres of Nigeria (1979-83)
1911 :Charles Frank, physicist
1912 :Madge Adam, astronomer
1913 :David Bowman, trade unionist
1914 :Kirill P Kondrashin, Moscow Russia, conductor (Hollywood Bowl 1981)
1917 :J A Mommersteeg, Dutch asst sect of Defense (KVP)
1921 :Julius Rudel, Vienna Austria, conductor (NYC Opera 1957)
1921 :Oliver Wright, British Ambassador (To US)
1921 :Ross Hunter, Cleve OH, producer (Airport, Madame X, Pillow Talk)
1923 :Ed McMahon, Detroit Mich, TV host (Johnny Carson Show, Star Search)
1923 :Raymond "Bill" Hoffenberg, college president (Wolfson at Oxford)
1924 :William H Webster, US, judge/head FBI/CIA
1926 :Alan Greenspan, economist/presidential advisor (FRB)
1926 :Elwood H [Bud] Hillis, (Rep-R-IN, 1971- )
1927 :John Fairchild, Newark NJ, CEO (Fairchild publishing)
1927 :Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr, Shawnee Okla, USAF/astronaut (Mer 9, Gem 5)
1927 :Norman Treigle, New Orleans Louisiana, bass-baritone
1927 :William J Bell, Chicago Ill, soap opera creator (Young & Restless)
1928 :Gabriel Garcˇa M rquez, Col, novelist (Europa Y America, Nobel 1982)
1929 :Hal Miller, British MP
1929 :Ho Dam, North Korean secretary of State (1970-83)
1929 :Thomas S Foley, (Rep-D-WA, 1965-94)/majority whip/speaker of house
1931 :David Haddon Whitaker, British publisher (Whitaker's Almanack)
1933 :Heiko Wierenga, Dutch soc-dem mayor of Enschede (1977-94)
1933 :William Davis, author/broadcaster (Battle at Bull Run)
1934 :John Noakes, British TV presenter
1936 :A "Bram" Stemerdink, Dutch minister of Defense (PvdA)
1936 :Marion S Barry, (Mayor-D-Wash DC, 1979-90, 95- ), drug indictment
1937 :Ivan Boesky, Detroit, stockbroker inside trading
1937 :Valentina V Tereshkova-Nikolayev, 1st woman in space (Vostok 6)
1939 :Christopher Bond, (Sen-R Missouri)
1939 :Jerry Naylor, Stephenville Tx, rock vocalist (Crickets)
1941 :Ann Winterton, British MP
1944 :David Gilmore, Cambridge England, guitarist (Pink Floyd)
1944 :Kiri Te Kanawa, Gisborne NZ, operatic soprano (Don Giovanni)
1944 :Mary Wilson, Detroit Mich, vocalist (Supremes-Where Did Our Love Go)
1945 :Hugh Grundy, Winchester England, drummer (Zombies-She's Not There)
1946 :David Jon Gilmour, rock guitarist (Pink Floyd-Brick in the Wall)
1946 :Patrick Pierre Roger Baudry, Cameroon, astronaut (STS 18)
1948 :James FCS "Jim" Woude, cartoonist
1952 :Lyn Perrin, executive administrator (WIC)
1968 :Marty Morgan, Minneapolis MN, 180« lbs greco-roman wrestler (Oly-96)
1968 :Russell Butler, Dandenong Victoria Australia, diver (Oly-28th-88, 96)
1972 :Jamal Anderson, fullback (Atlanta Falcons)
1972 :Paul Frlan, CFL linebacker (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
1973 :Brian Olson, Tallahassee Fla, middleweight (189 lbs) judoka (Oly-96)



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