Birthdays of Personalities on March 26

xxxx :Robert Shields, mime (Shields & Yarnell)
1479 :Vasili III, great prince of Moscow (1505-33)/son of Ivan III
1516 :Konrad von Gesner, Zrich Switz, naturalist (Bibliotheca Universalis)
1577 :Elisabeth of Nassau, daughter of Willem I & Charlotte of Bourbon
1659 :William Wollaston, Coton England, philosopher
1753 :Benjamin Thompson, physicist (Royal Inst of Great Britain, Woburn MA)
1773 :Nathaniel Bowditch, mathematician/astronomer/author (Marine Sextant)
1813 :Thomas West Sherman, Bvt Major General (Union Army), died in 1879
1817 :Herman Haupt, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1905
1819 :Louise Otto, Germany, author/feminist
1821 :Earnest Angel, German statistician (Law of Angel)
1840 :George Smith, London England, assyriologist (cuneiform (script))
1850 :Edward Bellamy, author (Looking Backward)
1856 :David Alfred Thomas, Glamorganshire UK, 1st Viscount Rhondda
1859 :A[lfred] E[dward] Housman, England, poet (Shropshire Lad)
1863 :Henry Royce, founder (Rolls-Royce Limited in 1884)
1868 :Fuad I, king of Egypt (1922-36)
1871 :Serafn Alvarez Quintro, Spanish dramatist/playwright (El Flechazo)
1874 :Robert Frost, SF, poet (Mending Wall, Road Not Taken)
1875 :Syngman Rhee, pres of South Korea (1948-60) [or Apr 26]
1884 :Wilhelm Backhaus, Leipzig Germany, pianist (Rubinstein 1905)
1885 :Robert Blackburn, British aviation pioneer
1888 :Sigurd Erixon, Swedish etnologist (Atlas ver Svensk Folk culture)
1893 :Palmiro Togliatti, founder (Communist Party of Italy)
1899 :James B Connant, chemist/college president (Yale)
1902 :Leslie Melville, economist
1904 :Joseph Campbell, mythologist (Mythic Image)
1905 :Viktor Emil Frankl, pyschiatrist (Man's Search for Meaning)
1908 :Hank Sylvern, Bkln NY, orch leader (Jane Froman's USA Canteen)
1908 :Kenneth Mellanby, entomologist
1908 :Robert William Paine, architect
1911 :Bernard Katz, biophysicist
1911 :Tennessee Williams, Columbus Miss, playwright (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)
1913 :Paul Erdos, mathematician
1914 :Ian McGeoch, Vice-Admiral
1914 :William Westmoreland, Saxon SC, army general (Vietnam era)
1916 :Christian B Anfinsen, US chemist (cell physiology, Nobel 1972)
1916 :Mort Abrahams, producer (Dr Doolittle, Planet Of Apes)
1916 :Vic Schoen, Bkln NY, orch leader (Patti Page Olds Show)
1917 :Jean Graham Hall, circuit court judge (England)
1920 :George E Brown Jr, (Rep-D-CA, 1963-71, 73- )
1921 :George Jefferson, CEO (British Telecom)
1921 :Joe Loco, [Jose Esteves, Jr], musician
1921 :Peter Horsley, CEO (Osprey Aviation)
1923 :Clifton Williams, Traskwood Arkansas, band master (Sinfonians)
1923 :Elizabeth Jane Howard, British novelist (After Julius)
1925 :Lord Graham of Edmonton, House of Lords (chief opposition whip)
1925 :Lord Hooson QC, crown court recorder
1927 :Jonathan Tod, Vice-Admiral (England)
1929 :Amde Turner, QC/MEP
1929 :Maurice Simon, jazz musician
1930 :Gregory Corso, beat poet (Happy Birthday of Death, Long Live Man)
1930 :Sandra Day O'Connor, Texas, 1st woman Supreme Court Justice (1981- )
1932 :Dick Nolan, football coach
1934 :G T Pryce, CEO (Dalgety)
1934 :Gino Cappelletti, ORFU, AFL running back (AFL Player of Year 1964)
1935 :Earl of Kinnoull
1937 :Lord Chetwode
1939 :Colin Webb, general manager (Press Assn)
1939 :Stuart Sutherland, Professor Emeritus (Sussex U)
1940 :Bill Ind, Bishop-designate (Truro)
1940 :Braulio Baeza, jockey (National Horse Racing Hall of Famer)
1940 :Nancy Pelosi, (Rep-D-California)
1940 :Servaes [J S] Huys, Dutch MP (PvdA)
1942 :Erica Jong, [Mann], NYC, author (Fear of Flying)
1943 :Robert Woodward, investigative reporter (Watergate, CIA crimes)
1944 :Diana Ross, [Earle], Detroit, (Supremes, Lady Sings Blues, Mahogany)
1948 :Kyung-Wha Chung, Seoul Korea, violinist (Chung Sisters)
1948 :Richard Tandy, rock bassist (ELO)
1948 :Steven Tyler, NYC, rock vocalist (Aerosmith-Janie Got a Gun)
1949 :Baroness Hayman
1949 :Fran Sheehan, rock bassist (Boston-More than a Feeling)
1950 :Tony Papenfuss, Minneapolis Minn, (Daryl-Newhart)
1952 :David Amess, MP
1954 :Curtis Sliwa, founder (Guardian Angels)/radio personality (WABC)
1957 :Leeza Gibbons, SC, TV host (Entertainment Tonight, Leeza)
1961 :Leigh Bowery, designer
1961 :William Hague, Secretary of State for Wales
1962 :Yuri Pavlovich Gidzenko, Russia, lt-colonel/cosmonaut
1963 :Paul de Leeuw, Dutch TV host (Cry of the Lion)
1968 :Edward Kaminski, KC Kansas, javelin thrower
1968 :Mike Trevathan, CFL slot back (BC Lions)
1972 :Steve Anderson, CFL defensive linebacker (Calgary Stampeders)
1973 :Marshall Faulk, running back (Indianapolis Colts)
1974 :Alfred Shipman, CFL slot back (BC Lions)
1986 :Jessica McClure, baby trapped in Texas well in 1988
2228 :James T Kirk, science fiction captain of USS Enterprise (Star Trek)



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