Birthdays of Personalities on July 28

1347 :Margherita of Durazzo, queen of Naples (d. 1412)
1659 :Charles Ancillon, French Huguenot pastor (d. 1715)
1746 :Thomas Heyward, Jr., American patriot, signer of the Declaration of Independence (d. 1809)
1750 :Fabre d'Églantine French dramatist and politician, creator of the French Republican calendar (d. 1794)
1796 :Ignaz Bösendorfer, Austrian musician (d. 1859)
1804 :Ludwig Feuerbach, German philosopher (d. 1872)
1815 :Stefan Dunjov, Banat Bulgarian military figure (d. 1889)
1844 :Gerard Manley Hopkins, English poet (d. 1889)
1857 :Ballington Booth, co-founder of Volunteers of America (d. 1940)
1860 :Elias M. Ammons, governor of Colorado (d. 1925)
1860 :Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna of Russia (d. 1922)
1863 :Hussein Khan Nakhichevanski, Russian general (d. 1919)
1866 :Beatrix Potter, English author (d. 1943)
1867 :Charles Dillon Perrine, American-born astronomer (d. 1951)
1872 :Albert Sarraut, French politician (d. 1962)
1874 :Ernst Cassirer, German philosopher (d. 1945)
1887 :Marcel Duchamp, French painter (d. 1968)
1896 :Barbara La Marr, American actress (d. 1926)
1898 :Lawrence Gray, American actor (d. 1970)
1900 :Catherine Dale Owen, American actress (d. 1965)
1901 :Freddie Fitzsimmons, American baseball player (d. 1979)
1901 :Rudy Vallee, American entertainer (d. 1986)
1902 :Karl Popper, Austrian-born philosopher (d. 1994)
1907 :Earl Tupper, American inventor (d. 1983)
1909 :Malcolm Lowry, English novelist (d. 1957)
1914 :Carmen Dragon, American composer (d. 1984)
1915 :Charles Townes, American physicist, Nobel laureate
1916 :David Brown, American film producer
1922 :Jacques Piccard, Belgian-born undersea explorer
1924 :C.T. Vivian, American 1960s Civil Rights Movement activist
1925 :Baruch S. Blumberg, American scientist, Nobel laureate
1927 :John Ashbery, American poet
1929 :Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, First Lady of the United States (d. 1994)
1930 :Jean Roba, Belgian comics author (d. 2006)
1930 :Junior Kimbrough, American bluesman (d. 1998)
1933 :Charlie Hodge, French Canadian ice hockey goaltender
1934 :Jacques d'Amboise, American choreographer
1935 :Simon Dee, British television broadcaster
1936 :Garfield Sobers, Barbadian West Indies cricketer
1936 :Russ Jackson, Canadian football player
1937 :Francis Veber, French film director and screenwriter
1938 :Alberto Fujimori, President of Peru
1938 :Chuan Leekpai, Thai politician and Former Prime Minister of Thailand
1940 :Philip Proctor, American comedian
1941 :Riccardo Muti, Italian conductor
1941 :Susan Roces, Filipino actress
1942 :Marty Brennaman, American sportscaster
1943 :Bill Bradley, American basketball player and politician
1943 :Mike Bloomfield, American musician (d. 1981)
1943 :Richard Wright English musician (Pink Floyd)
1945 :Jim Davis, American cartoonist
1946 :Fahmida Riaz, Pakistani writer and feminist
1946 :Linda Kelsey, American actress
1948 :Georgia Engel, American actress
1948 :Gerald Casale, Musician and Director (Founding Member Devo)
1948 :Sally Struthers, American actress
1949 :Peter Doyle, Australian singer (The New Seekers) (d. 2001)
1949 :Steve Peregrin Took, English singer (d. 1980)
1949 :Vida Blue, American baseball player
1950 :Shahyar Ghanbari, Iranian poet
1951 :Anthony A. Williams, Mayor of Washington, D.C.
1951 :Santiago Calatrava, Spanish architect
1952 :Vajiralongkorn, Crown Prince of Thailand
1952 :Yoshitaka Amano, Japanese artist
1954 :Bruce Abbott, American actor
1954 :Gerd Faltings, German mathematician
1954 :Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela
1954 :Mikey Sheehy, Gaelic footballer
1954 :Steve Morse, American guitarist
1955 :Nikolay Zimyatov, Russian cross-country skier
1958 :Michael Hitchcock, American actor
1958 :Terry Fox, Canadian athlete and activist (d. 1981)
1960 :Yoichi Takahashi, Japanese mangaka of Captain Tsubasa and Hungry Heart Wild Striker
1961 :Alexander Kurlovitch, Soviet weightlifter
1961 :Yannick Dalmas, French race car driver
1962 :Rachel Sweet, American singer
1964 :Lori Loughlin, American actress
1965 :Delfeayo Marsalis, jazz musician
1965 :Priscilla Chan, Hong Kong singer
1966 :Shikao Suga, Japanese singer/songwriter
1969 :Alexis Arquette, American actor
1969 :Dana White, UFC President
1969 :Garth Snow, American ice hockey goaltender
1970 :Isabelle Brasseur, Canadian figure skater
1970 :Michael Amott, Swedish guitarist (Arch Enemy)
1971 :Annie Perreault, Canadian short-track speed skater
1971 :Stephen Lynch, American musician
1972 :Ed Templeton, American skateboarder
1972 :Elizabeth Berkley, American actress
1972 :Yeom Jeong-ah, South Korean actress
1973 :Marc Dupré, Quebec humorist and singer
1973 :Steve Staios, Canadian ice hockey player
1974 :Justin Lee Collins, British comedian
1975 :Leonor Watling, Spanish actress and singer
1976 :Jacoby Shaddix, American singer (Papa Roach)
1977 :Aki Berg, Finnish ice hockey player
1977 :Emanuel Ginóbili, Argentine basketball player
1978 :Hitomi Yaida, Japanese singer/songwriter
1979 :Birgitta Haukdal, Icelandic singer
1979 :Henrik Hansen, Danish footballer
1979 :Lee Minwoo, Korean singer (Shinhwa)
1981 :Jo In Sung, South Korean actor
1981 :Michael Carrick, English footballer
1982 :Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir, Icelandic singer and actress
1982 :Tom Pelphrey, American actor
1984 :DeMeco Ryans, American football player
1984 :Zach Parise, American ice hockey player
1985 :Dustin Milligan, Canadian actor
1985 :Tynisha Keli, American singer
1986 :Alexandra Chando, American actress
1988 :Ayla Brown, American singer
1988 :Casper Johansen, Danish footballer
1990 :Soulja Boy, American Rapper
1993 :Hannah Lochner, Canadian actress



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