Birthdays of Personalities on January 8

xxxx :Fernand Petiot, bartender (Harry's NY Bar)/creator (Bloody Mary)
xxxx :Giotto
xxxx :Hans Von Bulow, murder suspect (Sunny Von Bulow)
1081 :Henry V, Roman German king/emperor (1098/1111-25)
1583 :Simon Episcopius, Dutch bishop/theologist
1587 :Johannes Fabricius, Denmark, astronomer (discovered sunspots)
1628 :Fran?ois de Montmorency-Bouteville, duc de Luxemburg, French soldier
1632 :Samuel, Freiherr von Pufendorf, German jurist
1658 :Nicolas Coustou, French sculptor (Descente de Croix)
1767 :Abraham de Veer, Dutch governor-general of Suriname (1822-28)
1786 :Nicholas Biddle, made 2nd bank of US 1st effective central bank
1791 :Jacob Collamer, (Sen-Vt)
1814 :Johannes Kneppelhout, [Klikspaan], Dutch humorist
1814 :Thomas Green, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1864
1815 :George Webb Morell, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1883
1815 :Lawrence Pike Graham, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1905
1817 :John Selden Roane, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1867
1821 :James Longstreet, Confederate general (1st Corps, ANV)
1823 :Alfred Russel Wallace, British zoologist/co-discoverer (evolution)
1824 :William Wilkie Collins, English novelist (Woman in White)
1830 :Gouverneur Kemble Warren, Major Gen (Union volunteers), died in 1882
1836 :Fannie M Jackson, pioneer & educator, 1st US Black woman college grad
1836 :Lawrence Alma Tadema, Dutch/British painter/husband of Laura Epps
1851 :G?rard Leman, Belgian count/general
1860 :Nancy Jones, US black missionary in Africa
1862 :Frank Nelson Doubleday, publisher/founder (Doubleday & Co)
1867 :Emily Green Balch, US, sociologist/feminist/pacifist (Nobel 1946)
1868 :Frank Dyson, proved Einstein right about light bent by gravity
1870 :Miguel Primo de Rivera Orbaneja, dictator of Spain (1923-30)
1885 :John Curtin, Victoria, 14th Australian PM (Labor, 1941-45)
1886 :Noble Drew Ali, [Timothy Drew], NC, prophet (Moorish Science Temple)
1888 :Richard Courant, German/US mathematician (What is mathematics?)
1890 :Sandor Rado, Hungarian/US psycho analyst
1891 :Bronislava Nijinska, ballet choreographer
1891 :Storm Jameson, English novelist (The Green Man, Cousin Honor?)
1891 :Walter Bothe, Germany, subatomic particle physicist (Nobel 1954)
1899 :Solomon WRD Bandaranaike, premier of Ceylon (1956-59)
1900 :Queen Marie, of Yugoslavia
1902 :Carl R[ansom] Rogers, US, psychologist (Client-Centered Therapy)
1902 :Georgy M Malenkov, Stalin's successor as head of CPSU, PM (1953-55)
1902 :Gret Palucca, German dancer/choreography (Silent Song)
1904 :Peter Arno, NYC, cartoonist (New Yorker)
1905 :Carl Gustav Hempel, German Logical Positivist philosopher
1906 :Jacob C van Marken, Dutch peanut butter maker (Calv?-Delft)
1906 :Jan A H J S Bruins Slot, Dutch founder illegal Trouw/MP (ARP)
1906 :Serge Poliakoff, Russian/French painter/guitarist
1912 :Jose Ferrer, Santurce PR, B01051840 John Doby Kennedy, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1896
1917 :Stanley Prager, NYC, comedian (College Bowl)
1920 :Hendrikus J Wittebold, civil servant/resistance fighter
1922 :Abbey Simon, NYC, pianist
1923 :Giorgio Tozzi, Chicago Illinois, basso
1923 :Joseph Wiezenbaum, artificial intelligence pioneer
1923 :Larry Storch, NYC, comedian (F Troop, Larry Storch Show)
1925 :James Saunders, English chemist/playwright (Ark)
1926 :Evelyn Lear, [Shulman], Brooklyn, NY, soprano
1926 :Soupy Sales, [Milton Hines], NC, comedian (Soupy Sales Show)
1928 :Sander Vanocur, Cleve Ohio, news anchor (NBC Weekend News)
1930 :Doreen Wilber, US, archer (Olympic-gold-1972)
1931 :Bill Graham, Germany, rock promoter (Fillmore)
1933 :Charles Osgood, NYC, news anchor (CBS Weekend News)
1934 :Jacques Anquetil, France, Tour de France bicycle racer (5-time winner)
1934 :Michael Grierson Jarrett, archaeologist
1934 :Piet Dankert, Dutch politician (PvdA)
1935 :Elvis Aaron Presley, Tupelo Miss, singer (Blue Suede Shoes, Hounddog)
1935 :Jesse Garon Presley, stillborn twin brother of Elvis
1935 :Nolan Miller, Burkburnett Tx, fashion designer (Dynasty, Love Boat)
1936 :Ferdinand Hartzenberg, South African minister of Education (1979-82)
1937 :Shirley Bassey, Cardiff Wales, singer (Goldfinger, Moonraker)
1938 :Bob Eubanks, Flint Mich, TV host (Newlywed Game)
1939 :Yvette Mimieux, Hollywood Cal, actr (Time Machine, Where the Boys Are)
1940 :Anthony Gaurdine, (Little Anthony & Imperials-Goin Out of My Head)
1940 :Cristy Lane, US, country/gospel singer
1941 :Graham Chapman, England, comedian (Monty Python's Flying Circus)
1942 :Stephen Hawking, English physicist (Black Holes & Baby Universes)
1942 :Vyacheslav Dmitriyevich Zudov, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 23)
1943 :Marcus Hutson, rock vocalist (Whispers)
1945 :John Peters, rock drummer (Harpers Bizarre)
1946 :Robbie Kreiger, LA Calif, guitarist (Doors-Come on Baby Light My Fire)
1946 :Tod Brannan, VP (Logos Network Corp)
1947 :Igor Ivanov, Leningrad, Canadian chess champion (1981-84, 1985- )
1951 :G?rard Leman, Belgian general
1953 :Bruce Sutter, pitcher (Cubs, Cards, Braves)
1955 :Mike Reno, Vancouver BC Canada, rock vocalist (Loverboy)
1960 :Jolanda Egger, Luzean Switz, playmate (June, 1983)
1964 :Virgil Hill, Missouri, middleweight boxer (Olympic-silver-1984)
1966 :Darryl Hall, CFL linebacker (Calgary Stampeders)
1968 :Alexander Alexeev, NHL defenseman (Belarus, Oly-98)
1968 :Brian Johnson, Oakland Calif, catcher (San Diego Padres)
1968 :Paul Carey, US baseball infielder (Baltimore Orioles)
1969 :Brian Boehringer, St Louis MO, pitcher (NY Yankees)
1969 :R Kelly, singer (I Wish I Could Fly)
1970 :Jon Klemm, Calgary, NHL defenseman (Colorado Avalanche)
1971 :Branislav Janos, hockey forward (Team Slovakia 1998)
1971 :Darren Langdon, Deere Lake, NHL left wing (NY Rangers)
1971 :Jason Giambi, West Covina CA, infielder (Oakland A's)
1971 :Stephane Barin, hockey forward (Team France 1998)
1974 :Arjan Blaauw, Dutch soccer player (FC Groningen)
1974 :Brian Roberson, wide receiver (NY Giants)
1975 :Vitali Yachmenev, Chelyabinsk Rus, NHL right wing (LA Kings)
1979 :Sequoyah, chimpanzee (son of Washoe)



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