Birthdays of Personalities on January 27

-196 :Sarah Kennedy, Coquille Ohio, comedienne (Laugh in)
1164 :Abraham ibn Ezra, poet/philosopher, dies
1302 :Dante becomes a Florentine political exile
1538 :States of Gelderland accepts Willem van Kleef as viceroy
1540 :Angela Merici, Italian monk/monastery, dies
1546 :Joachim III Frederick, elector (Brandenburg)
1556 :Abbas I, "the Great," shah of Persia (1587-1629)
1556 :Willem of Orange becomes knight of Guilder Flies
1565 :Robrecht de Berghes, prince-bishop of Liege (1557-64), dies
1612 :Maarten van Valckenborch, Flemish painter, buried at about 77
1625 :Adriaen Valerius, notary/Neth Gedenck-clanck, dies at about 49
1662 :Richard Bentley, Oulton, scholar/controversialist
1669 :Gaspar de Crayer, Flemish painter, dies at 87
1671 :Pirate Henry Morgen lands at Panama City
1679 :Jean-Fran?ois de Troy, French painter
1699 :William Temple, statesman, dies
1701 :Johann N von Hontheim, German church historian/suffragan (bishop)
1710 :Czar Peter the Great sets 1st Russian state budget
1723 :Johann A Cramer, prime minister/poet
1731 :Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori, Ital piano builder, dies at 75
1736 :Abdication of Stanislas, last king of Poland
1763 :John Theodor of Bavaria, prince-bishop of Liege/cardinal, dies
1775 :Friedrich von Schelling, Germany, philosopher (Views on Christianity)
1778 :Piccinni's opera "Roland" premieres, Paris
1805 :Samuel Palmer, London, painter/etcher (Valley of Vision)
1808 :David F Strauss, Germany, theologist (Jesus' Life)
1814 :Johann Gottlieb Fichte, philosopher, dies
1814 :Philip Astley, theatre manager, dies
1816 :Samuel Hood, 1st Viscount Hood/admiral, dies
1822 :Thomas Leiper Kane, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1883
1823 :Pres Monroe appoints 1st US ambassadors to South America
1824 :Jozef Isra?ls, Dutch painter
1826 :Richard Taylor, Lt Gen (Confederate Army), died in 1879
1828 :Samuel Allen Rice, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1864
1830 :William Henry Fitzhugh Payne, Brig General (Confederate Army)
1832 :Lewis Carroll, [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson], auth (Alice in Wonderland)
1834 :Dmitri Mendeleev, chemist (discovered periodic table of the elements)
1834 :Robert Sanford Foster, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1850 :Samuel Gompers, Dutch/US 1st president (American Federation of Labor)
1851 :John James Audubon, conservationist (Audubon Society), dies at 65
1857 :Dorothea von Benckendorff, Baltic monarch of Lieven, dies at 72
1858 :Gerrit van der Linde Jz, Dutch "Principal", poet, dies at 49
1859 :Carl A Agardh, Swedish botanist/bishop of Karlstad, dies at 74
1859 :Wilhelm II, Potsdam, German emperor (1888-1918)
1860 :Jan? Bolyai, Hungarian mathematician (parallel), dies at 57
1864 :Franz von Klenze, German architect (palace Leuchtenberg), dies at 59
1866 :John Gibson, sculptor, dies
1868 :Cato Engelen-Sewing, Dutch soprano prima donna (Dutch Opera)
1870 :Manitoba & Northwest Territories incorporated
1872 :Learned Hand, Albany NY, Chief judge (US Court of Appeals)
1880 :Thomas Edison patents electric incandescent lamp
1887 :Carl Blegen, Minneapolis, archaeologist (excavator at Troy, Pylos)
1889 :Balthasar van der Pol, physicist (Comparison of Van der Pol)
1889 :Ivan S Aksakov, Russian journalist, dies at 65
1893 :James G Blaine, US minister of foreign affairs, dies at 62
1895 :Joseph Rosenstock, Cracow Poland, conductor (Nippon Phil Orch 1936-41)
1896 :Tasmania bowl out Victoria for 65 for their 1st ever innings victory
1900 :Hyman G Rickover, US Admiral (father of modern nuclear navy)
1903 :John Eccles, British physiologist/neurologist
1904 :R S Dugan discovers asteroid #523 Ada
1905 :Luther Diamond, radio personality
1905 :Maurice Rouvier forms govt in France
1906 :Rudolf Gundersen skates world record 500m at 44.8 sec
1908 :Pasipha?, a satellite of Jupiter, discovered by Melotte
1908 :William Randolph Hearst Jr, newspaper publisher (Hearst Publishing)
1914 :Anna Larina, revolutionary
1915 :Jack Brymer, clarinettist
1916 :Communist party "Spartacus Letters" 1st published in Berlin
1917 :Coen de Koning wins 2nd official 11 cities race (9:53) (record)
1917 :Dunboyne, Lord
1917 :Merrivale, Lord
1918 :Elmore James, musician (Dust My Broom)
1918 :Skitch Henderson, Birmingham England, orch leader (Tonight Show)
1919 :David Seville, [Ross Bagdasarian], Fresno Calif, (Alvin & Chipmunks)
1919 :Endre Ady, Hungarian poet (Margita ?lni akar), dies at 41
1919 :H D Halsey, Bishop of Carlisle
1919 :Nina Milkina, pianist
1921 :Donna Reed, Denison Iowa, (From Here to Eternity, Wonderful Life)
1922 :Wilfrid Bourne, QC/Clerk of the Crown in Chancery
1924 :Egyptian king Foead nominates Saad Zaghloel Pasja premier
1924 :Kenneth Corfield, CEO (STC)
1924 :Lenin placed in Mausoleum in Red Square
1924 :Rauf Denktasj, Turkish-Cypriot politician
1924 :Rix, Lord
1924 :William van Straubenzee, British MP
1925 :Geoffrey Tucker, British political consultant
1925 :John Bury, designer
1927 :Harlem Globetrotters play their 1st game
1927 :Joe Perry, AAFC/NFL Hall of Fame fullback (SF 49ers, Balt Colts)
1927 :Nancy Dickerson, journalist (NBC)
1929 :Richard Du Cann, lawyer QC
1930 :Bobby "Blue" Bland, Rosemark TN, blues singer (Call on the Drummer)
1930 :Esteban Edward Torres, (Rep-D-CA, 1983- )
1930 :Roger Sims, British MP
1931 :Vinson, Lord
1932 :Neville Trotter, British MP
1933 :Mohamed Al Fayed, CEO (Harrods)
1933 :Otto Meisnner dines with British ambassador Rumbold
1933 :Rita Hennessy, matron-in-chief (QARANC)
1934 :Donald Spiers, controller (Aircraft MoD)
1934 :Edithe Cresson, premier of France (1991-92)
1934 :French govt of Chautemps falls (Stavisky Affair)
1934 :Julian Ogilvie Thompson, CEO (De Beers)
1935 :E Delporte discovers asteroid #1341 Edmee
1935 :Gillian Beer, professor/president (Clare Hall-Cambridge)
1938 :Timothy Elworthy, Captain of The Queen's Flight
1939 :N R Bomford, head master (Harrow School)
1939 :Rawlings, Baroness
1940 :Brian T O'Leary, Boston Mass, astronaut
1941 :Peruvian agent Rivera-Schreib?r warns of Jap assault on Pearl Harbor
1943 :A H Harper, CEO (Baltic Exchange)
1943 :Cumberlege, Baroness
1944 :Casey Stengel, manager of the Boston Braves since 1938, resigns
1944 :Lou Perini, Guido Rugo, & Joseph Maney buy control of Boston Braves
1945 :Mairead Corrigan-Maguire, North Irish peace activist (Nobel 1976)
1945 :Nicholas Berkeley Mason, drummer (Pink Floyd-Brick in the Wall)
1945 :Nick Mason, rock drummer (Pink Floyd-Money)
1945 :S Romberg, H&D Fields' musical premieres in NYC
1946 :Kim Gardner, England, rock bassist (Ashton, Gardner & Dyke)
1947 :Nedra Telley, NYC, vocalist (Ronettes-Be My Little Baby)
1948 :Mikhail Baryshnikov, Riga Latvia, ballet dancer (That's Dancing)
1949 :Lifford, Viscount
1951 :Brian Downey, rock drummer (Thin Lizzy-Boys are Back in Town)
1951 :Seth Justman, Wash DC, rock keyboardist (J Geils Band-Centerfold)
1953 :Martinus Nijhoff, Dutch poet/interpreter/linguist, dies at 58
1953 :Netherlands end Marshall aid
1955 :Richard Young, Glasgow Ky, singer (Kentucky Headhunters-Davy Crockett)
1956 :Erich Kleiber, Austrian conductor, dies
1956 :Fred Quillan, Portland Oregon, WLAF offensive coach (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1958 :Alan Milburn, British MP
1958 :Ferenc M?nnich follows K d r as premier of Hungary
1961 :Charlotte Kemp, Omaha Ne, playmate (Dec, 1982)
1961 :Karen Velez, Rockville Ctr NY, playmate (December, 1984)
1961 :Margo Timmins, singer (Cowboy Junkies)
1962 :Michael Collins, clarinettist
1963 :Sam Rice, Eppa Rixey, Elmer Flick, & John Clarkson elected to
1964 :Inga Thompson, Reno Nevada, US cyclist (Olympic-8th-88, 84, 92)
1964 :Margaret Chase Smith (Sen-R-Maine) tries for Republican Pres bid
1964 :Migi, [Miguel Drummond] rock (Curiosity Killed Cat-Keep Your Distance)
1965 :Ground breaking for "Dragon Gateway" at Grant Avenue
1965 :Igor Matoushkin, NHL defenseman (Belarus, Oly-98)
1965 :Theo Uden Marsman, Dutch orchestra leader, dies at 63
1966 :Michael De Angelis, hockey defenseman (Team Italy 1998)
1967 :Alphonse Juin, French marshal, dies at 78
1967 :Dave Manson, Prince Albert, NHL defenseman (Winnipeg Jets)
1967 :Edward Higgins White II, Lt Col USAF/astronaut (Gemini 4), dies at 36
1967 :Roger B Chaffee, astronaut, dies at 31 in Apollo I fire
1967 :Virgil I (Gus) Grissom, astronaut, dies at 40 in Apollo I fire
1968 :Eric Wedge, US baseball catcher (Boston Red Sox)
1968 :Rusty Meacham, Stuart FL, pitcher (KC Royals, Seattle Mariners)
1968 :Tracy Lawrence, Atlanta Tx, country singer (Sticks & Stones)
1969 :Phil Plantier, Manchester NH, outfielder (SD Padres, Red Sox, A's)
1970 :Carlos Javier Bernardo, Dutch prince
1970 :Dario Brose, Queens NY, US soccer halfback (Olympic-92)
1970 :Ed Ford, comedian (Can You Top This?), dies at 72
1971 :Mark Noordlander, soccer player (Sparta)
1972 :Mahalia Jackson, gospel singer (He Got the Whole World), dies at 60
1972 :Mark Lawrence, Burlington, NHL right wing (Dallas Stars)
1972 :Richard Courant, German/US mathematician, dies at 84
1973 :Eddie Davis, CFL cornerback (Calgary Stampeders)
1974 :Georgios Grivas, Greek gen/oppos leader on Cyprus (EOKA), dies at 75
1976 :Mike Ferrier, Suriname/Dutch soccer player (FC Volendam, Salernitana)
1976 :Rhett Warrener, Shaunavon, NHL defenseman (Florida Panthers)
1981 :Jonny Lang, blues musician
1981 :Leo Collard, Belgian minister of Education (1946/54-58), dies at 78
1982 :Mauno Koivisto installed as president of Finland
1982 :Phila trades Larry Bowa & Ryne Sandberg to Cubs for Ivan DeJesus
1982 :Roberto S Cordova installed as president of Honduras
1983 :Paul "Bear" Bryant, US football coach (Alabama), dies at 69
1984 :John & Yoko release "Milk & Honey" album
1984 :Lou Crosby, TV announcer (Mayor of Hollywood), dies at 72
1985 :Hollis Stacy wins LPGA Mazda Golf Classic
1985 :Mark Mckoy cycles world record 50m hurdles indoor (5.25)
1986 :L Ron Hubbard, novelist/founder (Church of Scientology), dies at 74
1988 :Anthony M Kennedy to US Supreme Court
1988 :Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approves nomination of Judge
1989 :German war criminals Fischer & Aus der F?nten freed
1991 :Dutch PSP, Pacifist Socialistic Party, disbands
1991 :Nadine Strossen is 1st female president of the ACLU
1992 :Francesca Primus, columnist (Back Stage), dies at 45
1992 :Gene Harris, entertainer, dies after long illness
1992 :Jane Fonda undergoes arthroscopic surgery on her right knee
1992 :Mike Tyson goes on trial for rape (he is found guilty)
1992 :Pres candidate Bill Clinton (D) & Genifer Flowers accuse each
1994 :Carlos Reina succeeds pres Callejas in Honduras
1994 :Eddie Calhoun, jazz Bassist, dies at 72
1995 :Geoffrey Parsons, Australian/British pianist, dies at 65
1995 :Halsey S Colchester, British SAS/MI6-spy/priest, dies at 76
1995 :Willem R "Wim" van der Zee, gen-sec Council of Churches, dies at 64
1996 :Catherine Roskam becomes the 1st NY female Episcopal bishop
1996 :France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1996 :Germany celebrates it's 1st Holocaust Rememberance Day
1996 :Julian Hill, research chemist, dies at 91
1996 :Olga Havlova, political activist, dies at 63
1996 :Ralph Webster Yarborough, politician, dies at 92
1996 :Shiv Chanderpaul scores 303* for Guyana v Jamaica at Kingston
1997 :Matthew Coady, journalist, dies at 73
1998 :Crane crashes into Roosevelt Is (NYC) Tram, injuring 10



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