Historical Events and Current Affairs on January 12

1493 :Last day for all Jews to leave Sicily
1552 :Dutch west coast hit by heavy storm, 100s killed
1583 :Holland begins use of Gregorian calendar (yesterday was 1/1/1583)
1598 :Pope Clement VIII seizes duchy of Ferrara on death of Alfonso
1684 :French king Louis XIV marries Madame Maintenon
1701 :Frisia & Groningen begin use of Gregorian calendar
1701 :Parts of Netherlands adopt Gregorian calendar
1723 :Handel's opera "Ottone" premieres, London
1755 :Tsarina Elisabeth establishes 1st Russian University
1773 :1st US public museum established (Charlestown SC)
1777 :Mission Santa Clara de Asis founded in Calif
1806 :French evacuate Vienna
1807 :Gunpowder-ship explodes in Leiden Neth, 150 die
1809 :British take Cayenne (French Guiana) from French (until 1814)
1812 :1st cargo arrives in New Orleans by steam, from Natchez
1816 :France decrees Bonaparte family excluded from the country forever
1820 :Royal Astronomical Society founded in England
1836 :Battle of Wetumka, Fla
1836 :HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin reach Sydney Australia
1839 :Anthracite coal 1st used to smelt iron, Mauch Chunk, Penn
1842 :Franciscan nuns begin missionary work on Netherland Antilles
1861 :FL state troops demand surrender of Ft Pickens
1863 :President Davis delivers his "State of Confederacy" address
1865 :-13] Union fleet bombs Fort Fisher NC
1867 :Leo Tolstoy's "Smert Ioonna Groznogo," premieres in St Petersburg
1879 :British Zulu War begins: Lt-General Chelmsford invades Zululand
1896 :1st X-ray photo in US (Dr Henry Smith, Davidson NC)
1900 :Freeland Colony founded in US
1903 :Harry Houdini performs at Rembrandt theater, Amsterdam
1903 :Rhodes Opera House burns in Boyertown Pa, killing 170
1904 :Southwest-Africa uprising under Samuel Maherero against German garison
1906 :1st time Dow Jones closes above 100 (100.26)
1906 :Football rules committee legalizes forward pass
1907 :Britain grants responsible govt to former colony of Transvaal
1912 :-47F (-44C), Washta, Iowa (state record)
1915 :House of Reps rejects proposal to give women right to vote
1916 :Britain proclaims Gilbert & Ellice Is colony in Pacific
1918 :Montreal Canadien Joe Malone scores 5 goals beating Ottawa 9-4
1920 :Annual drafting of baseball players from minor leagues to be done in
1920 :inverse order of the final standings, agreed to
1921 :Kenesaw Mountain Landis becomes 1st commissioner of baseball
1924 :History of Science Society organized at Boston
1925 :John Howard Lawson's "Processional," premieres in NYC
1928 :Philip Barry & Elmer Rice's "Cock Robin," premieres in NYC
1929 :Seatrain (RR cars on ships) service begins, New Orleans-Havana
1930 :NHL's Boston Bruins win then-record 14th consecutive game
1932 :France's Laval govt falls
1932 :Hattie W Caraway elected 1st woman senator (D-Ark)
1932 :Philip Barry's "Animal Kingdom," premieres in NYC
1933 :Uprising of Guardia Civil in Spain, 25 dies
1933 :US Congress recognize independence Philippines
1937 :Plow for laying submarine cable patented
1942 :British troops reconquer Sollum
1942 :Dutch troops on Tarakan surrender
1942 :National War Labor Board created
1943 :Frankfurters replaced by Victory Sausages (mix of meat & soy meal)
1944 :Churchill & de Gaulle begin a 2-day wartime conference in Marrakesh
1944 :Failed resistance raid on distribution office of Borgerstraat Amsterd
1945 :German forces in Belgium retreat in Battle of Bulge
1945 :US Task Force 38 destroys 41 Jap ships in Battle of South China Sea
1946 :"Polonaise" closes at Alvin Theater NYC after 113 performances
1946 :Edouardo de Filippo's "Questi Fantasmi!," premieres in Rome
1946 :NFL champs Cleveland Rams given permission to move to LA
1948 :1st Supermarket in UK opens
1948 :Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi begins his final fast
1948 :US Supreme Court decision (Sipuel v Oklahoma State Board of Regents)
1949 :"Arthur Godfrey & His Friends" premieres on CBS TV
1949 :Dutch court affirms death sentence against SS chief Hanns Rauter
1950 :Swedish tanker rams British submarine Truculent in Thames, 64 die
1950 :USSR re-introduces death penalty for treason, espionage & sabotage
1951 :Ezzard Charles TKOs Lee Oma in 10 for heavyweight boxing title
1952 :NFL Pro Bowl: N Conf beats A Conf 30-13
1952 :University of Tennessee admits it's 1st black student
1953 :9 "Jewish" physicians arrested for "terrorist activities" in Moscow
1954 :Austria's worst avalanche-kills 200; 9hrs later 2nd one-kills 115
1954 :Queen Elizabeth II opens NZ parliament
1957 :Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC) founded
1958 :NCAA adds 2 point conversion to football scoring
1958 :NFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 26-7
1958 :Syracuse National Dolph Schayes sets NBA record at 11,770 points
1959 :KOED TV channel 11 in Tulsa, OK (PBS) begins broadcasting
1960 :Sobers & Worrell complete 399 stand for 4th wkt v England
1960 :Syracuse National Dolph Schayes is 1st NBA'er to score 15,000 points
1961 :"Show Girl" opens at Eugene O'Neill Theater NYC for 100 performances
1961 :UN genocide pact goes into effect
1963 :"Go Away Little Girl" by Steve Lawrence peaks at #1
1963 :Spin bowler Bobby Simpson takes 5-57 for Australia v England
1964 :NFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 31-17
1964 :Revolution overthrows Sultan of Zanzibar, 1 month after independence
1965 :"Hullabaloo" premieres on NBC-TV
1965 :At 10:58 am PST burn up a nuclear rocket in Nevada
1966 :"Batman" with Adam West & Burt Ward premieres on ABC TV
1966 :12 day NYC transit strike ends
1966 :LBJ says US should stay in S Vietnam until communist aggression ends
1966 :Red Auerbach wins his 1,000th game as coach of NBA Boston Celtics
1967 :Louisville, Ky, draft board refuses exemption for boxer Muhammad Ali
1968 :Beatles Film Production Ltd changes name to Apple Film Production Ltd
1968 :Nighttime version of "Hollywood Squares" premieres on NBC TV
1969 :"Golden Rainbow" closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 355 performances
1969 :Superbowl III: NY Jets beat Balt Colts, 16-7 in Miami
1969 :Superbowl MVP: Joe Namath, NY Jets, QB
1970 :Biafran War ends, Biafra surrenders to Nigeria
1970 :Boeing 747 makes its maiden voyage
1971 :"All in the Family" premieres on CBS featuring 1st toilet flush on TV
1971 :"Soon" opens at Ritz Theater NYC for 3 performances
1971 :Congressional Black Caucus organizes
1971 :Fed grand jury indicts Rev Philip Berrigan & 5 others, including a
1971 :nun & 2 priests, on charges of plotting to kidnap Henry Kissinger
1972 :Tigers sign a lease to build a $126M domed stadium (doesn't happen)
1974 :"Joker" by Steve Miller Band peaks at #1
1974 :Libya & Tunisia announces they are merging as "Islamic Arab Republic"
1975 :Chrysler Corp offers 1st car rebates
1975 :Superbowl IX: Pitts Steelers beat Minn Vikings, 16-6 in New Orleans
1975 :Superbowl MVP: Franco Harris, Pittsburgh, RB
1976 :UN Security Council votes 11-1 to seat Palestine Liberation Org
1977 :"Ipi Tombi" opens at Harkness Theater NYC for 39 performances
1977 :Abu Daoud, responsible 1972 Munich massacre of Israeli athletes
1977 :Anti-French demonstrations takes place in Israel after Paris released
1979 :6th American Music Award: Barry Manilow, Linda Ronstadt win
1979 :LA's Hillside Strangler, Kenneth Bianchi, arrested in Bellingham
1979 :Record blizzard struck midwest killing over 100
1980 :Mike Bratz (Phoenix) begins NBA free throw streak of 57 games
1981 :"Dynasty" with Joan Collins premieres on ABC-TV
1981 :-35F (-37C), Chester, Massachusetts (state record)
1981 :Dynasty, a prime time soap opera inspired by Dallas, premieres on ABC
1983 :#4147 Lennon & #5460 Tsenaat'a'i
1983 :Brooks Robinson & Juan Marichal elected to Hall of Fame
1983 :NCAA creates football Kickoff Classic to begin in August
1986 :24th space shuttle (61-C) mission-Columbia 7-launched
1986 :Chic Blackhawk Denis Savard scores at 4 seconds of 3rd period
1986 :Miami Dolphins win AFC football championship
1987 :Britain's Prince Edward resigns from his Royal Marines training
1988 :Willie Stargell (Pitts Pirate), elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
1989 :6 claim to survive in rubble, 35 days after Armenian quake (hoax)
1989 :Idi Amin expelled from Zaire
1990 :Civil Rights activist Rev Al Sharpton is stabbed in Bensonhurst Bkln
1990 :Romania bans Communist party (1st Warsaw Pact member to do so)
1991 :Largest crowd to watch Atlantic Coast Womens Basketball game (11,520)
1991 :US Congress gives George Bush authority to wage war against Iraq
1992 :13th ACE Cable Awards: HBO wins 27 awards
1992 :Algeria's general elections canceled after strong gains by Islamic
1992 :Last building in Gateway area in Cleveland is demolished
1992 :Salvation Front in the 1st round
1993 :Doctors announce Pitts Penguin Mario Limeux has Hodgkin's disease
1993 :MTV hostess Martha Quinn marries longtime boyfriend Jordan Tarlow
1994 :Malcolm X's daughter arrested for plotting Louis Farrakham's murder
1994 :Steve Carlton (Phillies) elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
1995 :Major earthquake kills 5,092 in Kobe Japan
1995 :Murder trial against OJ Simpson, begins in LA
1995 :Pope John Paul II begins visit to SE Asia
1996 :Russian troops arrived in Bosnia (joint operation with US)
1997 :17th United Negro College Fund raises
1997 :HAL became operational (2001: A Space Odyssey)
1997 :Ice skater Oksana Baiul injured slightly whiled driving intoxicated
1997 :Space Shuttle STS 81 (Atlantis 18), launches into space
1997 :Tiger Woods wins Mercedes Championships
1997 :wins Chrysler-Plymouth Tournament Of Champions



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