Deaths on January 12

690 :Benedict Biscop, saint
1049 :Abu Sa'id ibn Aboa al-Chair, Persian mystic, dies at 81
1167 :Aelred of Hexham/Rievaulx, English abbot/saint, dies at about 56
1167 :Ailred of Rievaulx, saint
1321 :Maria of Brabant, wife of Philip III of France
1390 :Peter van Herenthals, Dutch theologist/church historian, dies at 67
1517 :Vasco N£¤ez de Balboa, Spanish conquistador/admiral, beheaded at 41
1519 :Maximilian I of Hapsburg, German kaiser, dies
1537 :Lorenzo di Credi, Italian painter, dies
1665 :Pierre de Fermat, Fr lawyer/mathematician (principle of F), dies at 63
1674 :Giacomo Carissimi, Italian bandmaster/composer (Jephta), dies at 68
1700 :Marguerite Bourgeoys, saint
1705 :Luca Giordano, Italian artist
1732 :John Horsley, British archaeologist
1735 :John Eccles, English composer
1759 :Anne of Hannover, English princess, dies at 49
1759 :Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange
1765 :Johann Melchior Molter, composer, dies at 68
1765 :Johann Melchior Molter, German composer
1777 :Hugh Mercer, American Revolutionary War officer (mortally wounded in battle)
1781 :Richard Challoner, English Catholic prelate
1807 :Adriaan Kluit, Dutch historian, dies at 71
1807 :Joan Lucaz, Dutch scholar/journalist/patriot, dies at 60
1829 :Friedrich von Schlegel, German cultural philosopher/poet, dies at 56
1829 :Michael Gottard Fischer, composer, dies at 55
1829 :Friedrich von Schlegel, German poet
1833 :Marie-Antoine CarŠme, author (Pattissier Royal Parisien), dies at 48
1834 :William Wyndham Grenville, 1st Baron Grenville, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
1839 :Joseph A Koch, Aust painter/cartoonist/etcher/illustrator, dies at 70
1851 :Johan Herman Koekkoek, painter, dies at 72
1856 :L'udov¡t St£r, Slovaaks author/linguistic (Das Slawentum), dies at 40
1860 :Martinus J Niewindt, bishop on Cura‡ao (christened slaves), dies at 63
1861 :V clav Hanka, Czech author/translator/forger, dies at 69
1867 :Victor Cousin, French philosopher/minister of Education, dies at 74
1880 :Ida Gr„fin von Hahn-Hahn, author (Aus der Gesellschaft), dies at 74
1892 :William Reeves, bishop, antiquarian
1897 :Isaac Pitman, British inventor (Pitman Shorthand)
1899 :Hiram Walker, American distiller
1909 :Hermann Minkowski, German mathematician
1921 :Gervase Elwes, English tenor
1925 :Oskar Brefeld, German botanist, dies at 85
1926 :Sir Austin Chapman, Australian politician
1928 :Ruth Snyder, 1st woman to die in electric chair
1929 :Dietrich Sch„fer, German historian (Mein Leben), dies at 83
1933 :Vaclav Suk, composer, dies at 71
1934 :Paul Kochanski, Polish violinist, composer and arranger
1938 :Gösta Ekman, Swedish actor
1940 :Erich R Jaensch, German psychologist (eidetiek), dies at 56
1940 :Edward Smith, English soldier, recipient of the Victoria Cross
1942 :George Francis, cricketer (WI Test fast-bowler, 23 wkts in 10), dies
1943 :Jan R T Campert, Dutch resistance fighter/poet (18 Dead), dies at 40
1943 :Jan Campert, Dutch journalist and writer
1944 :Lance C. Wade, American pilot
1947 :Jonas Cohn, German/English philosopher (Wertwissenschaft), dies at 77
1950 :Koos van de Griend, composer, dies at 44
1953 :Simeon Roncal, composer, dies at 82
1956 :John Raedecker, Dutch sculptor (WW II Monument Amsterdam), dies at 70
1956 :Norman Kerry, actor (Air Eagles, Phantom of Opera), dies at 61
1958 :Arthur Shepherd, composer, dies at 77
1958 :Charles Mallory Hatfield, U.S. rainmaker
1960 :Nevil Shute [Norway], Eng/Aust author (Town like Alice), dies at 60
1962 :Ernie Kovacs, comedian (Ernie Kovacs Show), killed in auto crash at 42
1962 :Richard de Guide, composer, dies at 52
1962 :Ariadna Tyrkova-Williams, Russian writer and feminist
1964 :C R Browne, cricket leg-spinner (WI in 4 Tests, 6 wkts), dies
1965 :Lorraine Hansberry, US playwright, dies in NYC, dies at 34
1965 :Porcupine, in Washington DC zoo, dies at 27; oldest known rodent
1970 :Blanche Stuart Scott, US pilot, dies at 84
1972 :Padraic Colum, Irish poet/writer/founder (Irish Review), dies at 90
1974 :Princess Patricia of Connaught ,
1975 :Caryn Campbell, Bundy victim, disappears from Snowmass, Colo
1976 :Agatha Christie, mystery writer (10 Little Indians), dies at 85
1977 :Henri-Georges Clouzot, director (Diabolique, Truth), dies at 69
1978 :Nancy Spungen, stabbed to death by boyfriend Sid Vicious
1980 :Hans Ebeling, cricketer (Vict stalwart, bowled for Aust 1934), dies
1981 :Beulah Bondi, actress (It's a Wonderful Life), dies at 89
1981 :Isobel Elsom, actress (Unseen, Jane Eyre, Illegal), dies at 87
1983 :Rebop Kwaku Baah, Ghanaian percussionist
1983 :Nikolai Podgorny, President of the USSR
1986 :Marcel Arland, French author (L'ordre, LumiŠre du Soir), dies at 86
1988 :Connie Mulder, South African politician
1990 :Laurence J Peter, author (Peter Princible), dies of a stroke at 70
1990 :Paul Amadeus Pisk, composer, dies at 96
1990 :Laurence J. Peter, Canadian-born educator and writer
1991 :Keye Luke, actor (Charlie Chan's No 1 Son), dies after a stroke at 86
1991 :Vasco Pratolini, Italy, writer (Ragazze di San Frediano), dies at 77
1991 :Mary Francis Shura, American writer
1992 :Harry van Doorn, Dutch MP (KVP/KRO-chairman/PPR/CRM), dies at 76
1992 :Walt Morey, US children's book writer (Gentle Ben), dies at 84
1993 :Carles Mira, Spanish director (Que Nos Quiten Lo Bailao), dies at 45
1994 :Bob Horen, dies of cancer at 67
1994 :Samuel Bronston, Romanian/US producer (El Cid), dies at 85
1995 :Francis Lopez, songwriter, dies at 77
1995 :George Price, cartoonist (New Yorker), dies at 93
1995 :Marion Herbst, German/Dutch jewelry designer, dies at 50
1996 :Edmund Happold, engineer, dies at 65
1996 :John Howard Purnell, scientist, dies at 70
1996 :Peggy Braithwaite, lighthouse-keeper, dies at 76
1996 :Joachim Nitsche, German mathematician
1997 :Charles Huggins, surgeon/medical researcher, dies at 95
1997 :Jean Writer-Edern Hallier, dies at 60
1997 :Jill Summers, actress (Agatha Coronation Street), dies at 86
1997 :Jean-Edern Hallier, French author
1997 :Charles B. Huggins, Canadian-born cancer researcher, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
1999 :Betty Lou Gerson, American voice actress
1999 :Doug Wickenheiser, Canadian ice hockey player
2000 :Marc Davis, American animator
2000 :Bobby Phills, American basketball player
2001 :Affirmed, American racehorse
2001 :Luiz Bonfá, Brazilian guitarist and composer
2001 :William Hewlett, American engineer and businessman
2002 :Stanley Unwin, South African comedian
2002 :Cyrus Vance, 57th U.S. Secretary of State
2003 :Dean Amadon, American ornithologist
2003 :Kinji Fukasaku, Japanese director
2003 :Leopoldo Galtieri, dictator of Argentina
2003 :Maurice Gibb, British singer, songwriter, and musician (Bee Gees)
2003 :Alan Nunn May, English physicist and Soviet spy
2004 :Olga Aleksandrovna Ladyzhenskaya, Russian mathematician
2004 :Randy VanWarmer, American singer and songwriter
2005 :Alessia di Matteo, first survivor of eight transplants in one operation
2005 :Amrish Puri, Indian actor
2005 :Edmund S. Valtman, Estonian-born cartoonist
2007 :Alice Coltrane, American jazz musician
2007 :Sir James Killen, Australian politician
2009 :Claude Berri, French movie director
2009 :Arne Næss, Norwegian philosopher
2010 :Daniel Bensaid, French philosopher
2010 :Hasib Sabbagh, Palestinian businessman and philanthropist, co-founder of Consolidated Contractors Company



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