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GRADIA from GC is an advanced MFR composite, easy-to-use and polish, biocompatible, technique tolerant. GC EUROPE GRADIA Composites - High strength micro-hybrid composite The GC EUROPE websites use cookies to remember your preferences, for anonymous website statistics and security. With GC Gradia Direct, you can handle all your in-surgery aesthetic restorations with just one easy-to-use restorative. Whether it’s a single shade or a multi shade procedure, using GC Gradia Direct makes it easier and quicker to achieve a superb, natural looking and long-lasting restoration. البحث عن شركات تصنيع الأسنان Gradia موردين الأسنان Gradia ومنتجات الأسنان Gradia بأفضل الأسعار في. "GRADIA is the best indirect composite system we have ever worked with. We use it for inlays, onlays, single units and for large implant cases. The GC METALPRIMER ll creates the best bond to metal substructures that have insured success for our GRADIA bonded to metal. At the GC Europe Campus we organise training courses which explain clearly the step-by-step procedures of building up various GRADIA and GRADIA gum shades restorations. The training course includes practical oriented tips & tricks and explanations to technical and clinical aspects of composites restorations. GRADIA courses GRADIA one-day.

GC GRADIA CORE combines luting and core build up into one product with ideal handling properties. The dedicated self-etching, dual-cure bonding system reduces the procedure time. The finishing phase can already start from 5 minutes after the core build-up application. Indications. GRADIA PLUS is a modular composite system for indirect restorations. Light-cured composites for dental restorations have continuously gained in popularity over the years. They stand out for their ease of use and speed, but also, for their friendliness to the opposing dentin and shock absorption qualities; all keys to success in a variety of clinical situations. Gradia Direct Flo is a flowable, light-cured, radiopaque hybrid resin which simplifies sandwich restorations, due to proper flow characteristics and direct application from a syringe. Gradia Direct Flo has been specially designed for use with Gradia Direct.

GRADIA DIRECT is a light-cured, micro-filled hybrid resin composite with microfine pre-polymer resin fillers, a unique coupling agent and urethane dimethacrylate co-monomer matrix. This product offers significant advantages in aesthetics, polishability, wear resistance and fracture toughness. Designed to be the best enamel replacement ever, GRADIA DIRECT has tooth-like color reflection. Indirect Composites Indirect Composites are utilized for several kinds of frameworks, such as dental alloys and lithium disilicate. Dentists and Dental Technicians can choose the materials based on the individual indications, without having to worry about harmony, thanks to the fully integrated product lines with the shades of all systems adjusted to each other. GRADIA gum shades are designed to provide shades as seen in the natural gingiva. With this light-curing composite, gingiva tissues can be reproduced by means of basic or multiple layering techniques. This product is fully compatible with the GRADIA® micro-ceramic composite system. It also delivers unlimited possibilities for the characterization of acrylic dentures.

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