Birthdays of Personalities on December 6

xxxx :Academy of Medicine, pianist.
1421 :Henry VI, king of England (1422-61, 1470-71)
1608 :George Monck/Monk, English general/gov of Scotland
1731 :S von Laroche, writer
1732 :Warren Hastings, England, 1st governor-General of India (1773-84)
1792 :Abraham J van de Aa, lexicographer (Biographic Dictionary)
1792 :Willem II Frederik GL, King of Neth (1840-49)
1808 :Johan M Dautzenberg, Flemish author (Future)
1809 :Stephen Thomas, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1903
1816 :Henry Eustace McCulloch, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1895
1822 :John Eberhard, built 1st large-scale pencil factory in US
1831 :Joshua Woodrow Sill, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1862
1833 :John Singleton Mosby, lawyer/Col (Confederate Army), died in 1916
1843 :Albert de Vriendt, Flemish historical painter/etcher
1884 :Rose Schneiderman, NY state dept of labor sect (1937-44)
1885 :Albrecht Schaeffer, German writer (The General)
1886 :Joyce Kilmer, US, (male) poet (Trees)
1892 :F Osbert S Sitwell, London, poet/writer (Out of the Flame)
1893 :Lou Little, college football hall of fame coach (elected 1960)
1896 :Ira Gershwin, lyricist ('S Wonderful, I Got Rhythm)
1897 :O W Cisek, writer
1898 :Alfred Eisenstaedt, photo journalist
1898 :Gunnar Myrdal, Sweden, sociologist/economist (Nobel 1974)
1899 :Harry Buller Siege Willis, son of South Africa boer in Ladysmith
1904 :Eve Denise Curie, French pianist/author/daughter of Madame Curie
1906 :Antoon Spinoy, Belgian politician
1908 :John Henry Budd, MD, in St. Stephen, NB, Can., President of AMA,
1909 :Kenneth Watkins, woodland conservationist
1911 :Alfred James Broomhall, Methodist missionary
1918 :Granville James Leveson Gower, land owner
1918 :Harold Horace Hopkins, inventor (Endoscope)
1918 :Peter A Juten, office clerk/resistance fighter
1918 :Willem Oosterheers, resistance fighter
1921 :Nicolas A Pia, Venezulian/Aruban songwriter
1928 :Bert Geoffrey Achong, inventor (electron microscopist)
1930 :Bobby Van, [Robert King], NYC, singer (Hollywood Palace)
1932 :Don King, boxing promoter (Mike Tyson) [or Aug 20]
1934 :Nick Bockwinkel, wrestler (WCW/AWA)
1938 :David Ossman, comedian (Firesign Theater)
1940 :Steve Alaimo, Rochester NY, rocker (Mashed Potatoes)
1941 :Helen Cornelius, Hannibal Mo, country singer (Nashville on the Road)
1941 :John Nelson, San Jos Costa Rica, conductor (Les Troyens of Berlioz)
1941 :Richard Speck, mass murderer (killed 8 student nurses in 1966)
1942 :Len Barry, [Leonard Borisoff], Phila, rocker (Bristol Stomp)
1942 :Peter Handke, Austrian songwriter (Ritt ber den Bodensee)
1943 :Mike Smith, London Engld, rocker/pianist (Dave Clark 5-Glad All Over)
1944 :Jonathan King, rocker
1945 :Larry Bowa, 2nd baseman (Phillies)
1947 :Miroslav Vitous, rocker
1948 :Don Nickles, (Sen-R-Okla)
1948 :Jonathan King, London, singer (Everyone's Gone to the Moon)
1948 :Marius Mueller-Westernhagen, Duesseldorf Germany, rocker (Stinker)
1950 :Daniel Sahuleka, Moluks/Dutch singer/guitarist (Viva la Libertad)
1953 :Wil Shriner, NYC/Indiana, talk show host (Wil Shriner Show)
1954 :Chris Stamey, rocker
1955 :Bill Lloyd, Bowling Green Ky, singer (Foster & Lloyd-Crazy Over You)
1955 :Rick Buckler, [Paul Richard Buckler], rock drummer (Jam)
1955 :Steven Wright, droll comedian (Steven Wright Live)
1955 :Tish Hinojosa, San Antonia Tx, country singer (Something in the Rain)
1956 :Peter Buck, US pop guitarist (REM-Murmur)
1956 :Randy Rhoads, rocker
1957 :Luis Mariano Delis Fournier, Cuba, discus thrower (Oly-bronze-1980)
1962 :Ben Watt, rocker (Everything but the Girls-Sir Idlewood)
1964 :Will Johnson, CFL defensive end (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
1967 :Kevin Appier, Lancaster CA, pitcher (KC Royals)
1969 :Greg Knox, CFL safety (Calgary Stampeders)
1969 :Todd Black, Kenton Ohio, 800m runner
1971 :Ainsley Robinson, Oshawa Ontario, 62 kg Greco Roman wrestler (Oly-96)
1972 :Mike Gruttadauri, corner (St Louis Rams)
1973 :Tim Kohn, guard/tackle (Oakland Raiders)
1976 :Alicia Machado, Venezuela, Miss Universe (1996)



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