Birthdays of Personalities on December 26

xxxx :Rob Carpenter, Phila Pa, country singer (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
1194 :Frederick II, Iesi Italy, German Emperor (1212-1250)/King of Sicily
1618 :Elisabeth, Paltsgravin of Rhine/abbess
1633 :Charles E Biset, Flemish painter, baptised
1660 :Peter Schenck, German/Neth engraver/publisher, baptised
1716 :Thomas Gray, English poet (Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard)
1731 :Anthony Ziesenis, architect/sculptor (Town Hall of Westzaan)
1738 :Thomas Nelson, merchant, signer of Declaration of Independence
1747 :Cornelis Stevens, Belgium, RC foreman/polemist (Le sophisme d‚voil‚)
1770 :Pierre earl de Cambronne, French general (Waterloo, Elba)
1771 :Heinrich J von Collin, Austria dramatist/poet (Regulus)
1778 :Juan Lovera, Venezuela, artist
1792 :Charles Babbage, English inventor (calculating machine)
1809 :William Nelson Pendleton, Brig Gen (Confederate Army), died in 1883
1815 :Israel Bush Richardson, Mjr General (Union volunteers), died in 1862
1820 :Gustavus Adolphus Smith, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1885
1824 :Augustus Louis Chetlain, Mjr General (Union volunteers), died in 1914
1826 :Martinus Nijhoff, founder Nijhoff's book/publisher (Van Dale)
1837 :Adm George Dewey, American naval hero of Manila
1859 :Johan F van Bemmelen, Dutch zoologist
1861 :Friedrich Engel, German mathematician (group theory)
1862 :Alexander V Amfiteatrov, Russian/French/Italian writer [NS]
1867 :Julien Benda, French philosopher/writer (Dialogues … Byzance)
1874 :Norman Angell, [Lane], English cowboy/journalist (Nobel 1933)
1878 :Isaiah Bowman, US, geography/co-founder (Geographical Review)
1883 :Carl Oscar Ahues, Germany, International Chess Master (1950)
1883 :Frank Debenham, Australian geographer/geologist
1886 :Gyula G”mb”s von J kfa, general/dictator of Hungary (1932-35)
1888 :Hiroshi "Can" Kikuchi, Japanese stagewriter (Tjitj Ka‰ru)
1891 :Henry Miller, author (Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer, Sexus)
1891 :Jean Galtier-BoissiŠre, French writer/cartoonist/journalist
1893 :Mao Tse-tung, of little red book fame, PM of China PR (1949-76)
1897 :Willie Corsari, [Wilhelmina A Schmidt], Dutch writer
1904 :Alentejo Carpentier, Cubans/French writer (Guerra del Tiempo)
1906 :BVA R”ling, Dutch lawyer
1908 :Hanns Maaáen, writer
1910 :Lucy Faithfull, children's campaigner
1915 :Hans [Henri A] Gomperts, Dutch literature (Duck on Attic)
1915 :Una Mae Carlisle, US pianist/vocalist (Walkin' at the River)
1917 :Rosemary Woods, Nixon's secretary, keep her away from your tapes
1921 :Steve Allen, NYC, comedian/TV host (Tonight Show, Steve Allen Show)
1925 :Baron Baker, activist
1926 :Edgar D Ngoyi, South African ANC leader (17 yrs in Robbeneiland Jail)
1927 :Alan King, Bkln NY, comedian/actor (Anderson Tapes, Memories of Me)
1930 :Sayed Mutawli imam ad-Darsh, scholar/broadcaster
1932 :Walter Leblanc, Belgian painter
1935 :Abdul "Duke" Fakir, Detroit MI, rock vocalist (Four Tops)
1936 :Kitty Dukakis, substance abuser/wife of Michael (Gov-Mass)
1939 :Lynn Martin, US secretary of Labor (1991-93)
1939 :[Harvey] Phil Spector, record producer (Wall of Sound)
1940 :Harmen Siezen, Dutch TV-journal host
1942 :Earl Cate, Ark, country singers (Cate Bros-Fire on the Tracks)
1942 :Ernie Cate, Ark, country singers (Cate Bros-Fire on the Tracks)
1942 :Marco Vinicio Cerezo Ar‚valo, president of Guatemala (1986-91)
1942 :Rob de Nijs, Dutch singer (Put a candle in your window)
1945 :John Walsh, activist/TV host (America's Most Wanted)
1946 :Gordon Edwards, rocker
1946 :Lisette Hordijk, Dutch TV broadcaster
1947 :Carlton Fisk, Vermont, all star catcher (Red Sox, White Sox)
1947 :Joyce Jillson, Cranston RI, psychic/actress (Superchick)
1948 :Chris Chambliss, 1st baseman (NY Yankee)
1949 :Ira Newborn, NYC, orch leader (Manhattan Transfer)
1950 :Michael Jones, rocker (BT Express-Here Comes the Express)
1951 :Richard Skinner, British DJ
1952 :Andr‚-Michel Schub, Paris France, pianist (Van Cliburn-1981)
1953 :Valeri Yuriyevich Sharov, Russian cosmonaut
1954 :Ozzie Smith, Mobile AL, infielder (St Louis Cardinals)
1954 :Peter Woods, rocker (Romeo Void-Girl in Trouble)
1954 :Susan H Butcher, dog sled driver (Idatarod)
1956 :Gail Tatterson, WBL center (NY Stars)
1956 :Karen Smith, WBL forward (NY Stars)
1961 :Storm Davis, Dallas Texas, pitcher (KC Royals)
1963 :Lars Ulrich, Danish/US heavy metal drummer (Metallica-Kill 'em All)
1964 :Jeff King, Marion IN, infielder (Pitts Pirates)
1970 :Lisa Gathright, Moline Ill, WPVA volleyballer (US Open-17th-1993)
1972 :Derrick Cullors, running back (New England Patriots)
1974 :Tony Brackens, defensive end (Jacksonville Jaguars)
1977 :Brandee Layne Loving, Miss Mississippi Teen USA (1996)
1980 :Serena Phillips, Corvallis Ore, figure skater (1997 Pruetten champ)



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