Birthdays of Personalities on December 25

1624 :Angelus Silesius, [Johann Scheffler], German mystic (St Seelenlust)
1628 :No‰l Coypel, French painter
1642 :Isaac Newton, Grantham Engld, physicist/mathematician/astronomer [OS]
1698 :Jacobus Houbraken, Dutch engraver/illustrator
1717 :Pius VI, [Giovanni A Braschi], Italy, Pope (1775-99)
1721 :William Collins, Chichester England, (Mayor-Chichester)/poet
1752 :Mithra
1763 :Claude Chappe, French engineer (optical telegraph)
1771 :Dorothy Wordsworth
1808 :Stephen Cleeg Rowan, Commander (Union Navy), died in 1890
1811 :Wilhelm E Freiherr von Ketteler, German politician/bishop of Mainz
1813 :Milledge Luke Bonham, (Confederacy) died in 1890
1814 :Jan de Liefde II, Dutch vicar/founder (Coop of Welfare of the People)
1821 :Clara Harlowe Barton, Oxford Mass, nurse/founder (American Red Cross)
1823 :Preston Smith, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1863
1832 :Thomas Alfred Smyth, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1865
1855 :James Galvin, pitcher, shut-out every opposing team in 1884
1865 :Evangeline Cory Booth, Salvation Army general (1904-34)
1867 :Alfred Kerr, writer
1875 :Theodor Innitzer, cardinal/archbishop Vienna
1876 :Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Karachi, founded Pakistan (1947)/gov (1947-58)
1878 :W Starling Burgess, yacht designer (America Cup's Enterprise)
1883 :Maurice Utrillo, France, painter (Port St Martin, Montmartre)
1887 :Conrad Hilton, hotel mogul (Hilton Hotels)
1891 :Kenneth A N Anderson, British general (Dunkerk, North Africa)
1892 :Rebecca West, [Cicely Isabel Fairfield], English author
1893 :Ropert L Ripley, Santa Rosa Calif, cartoonist (Believe It or Not)
1898 :Theo Swagemakers, Dutch portrait painter
1899 :Raphael Soyer, artist (Depression Scenes in NYC)
1900 :Gladys Swarthout, Deepwater Missouri, mezzo-soprano (La Gioconda)
1901 :Alice C, English duchess of Gloucester/aunt of Elizabeth II
1904 :Gerhard Herzberg, Can, physicist (molecular structure-Nobel 1971)
1906 :Clark M Clifford, US Secretary of Defense (1968-69)
1906 :Herman J Scheltema, [NEM Pareau], Dutch jurist/poet
1906 :Lew Grade, British TV mogul (ATV)/movie producer (Boys from Brazil)
1906 :William McChesney Martin, Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank (1951-70)
1907 :Cab[ell] Calloway, Rochester, bandleader (Minnie the Moocha, Jazzball)
1909 :Louis van Lint, Belgian painter
1910 :David Lichine, [Lichtenstein], Russian/US dancer (Make Mine Music)
1911 :Burne Hogarth, strip-cartoon artist
1912 :Herman W Filarski, Dutch bridge journalist
1912 :Leighton Noble, singer/bandleader
1912 :Tony Martin, Oakland Cal, singer (Tony Martin Show, Tonight We Love)
1912 :Willian Noel Moffat, architect
1913 :Henri Nannen, journalist
1914 :Tony Martin, [Alvin Morris], SF, singer (It's a Blue World, To Each)
1915 :Noelle de Mosa, Neth/British dancer/teacher (Brigadoon)
1915 :Pete Rugolo, bandleader/arranger (Fugitive)
1918 :Anwar el-Sadat, Egyptian Pres (1970-81, Nobel 1978)
1918 :Eddie Safranski, Pitts Pa, orch leader (Jonathan Winters Show)
1920 :Henry Charnock, oceanographer
1922 :Kitty Kallen, Phila Pa, singer (Judge For Yourself)
1923 :Louis Lane, Eagle Pass Texas, conductor (Oere Orch 1968-73)
1924 :Mih ly V ci, Hungarian poet/politician
1925 :Christmas F Tinto, South African ANC'er/UDF-leader
1927 :Nellie Fox, White Sox infielder (AL MVP 1959)
1929 :Billy Horton, rocker (The Silhouettes-Get a Job)
1929 :Chris Kenner, rocker
1931 :Carlos Castaneda, US, writer/mystic (Eagle's Gift, Fire From Within)
1931 :Uzo Egonu, painter/print maker
1932 :Jos‚ Maria Capricorne, Cura‡aos graphically designer/painter
1932 :Peter John Swales, football club chairman
1934 :Bob Martinez, (Gov-Fl)
1934 :Giancarlo Baghetti, racing driver/journalist
1934 :McKinley Mitchell, US gospel/singer (The Town I Live In)
1936 :Alexandra HEOC, English princess/daughter of sir Angus Ogilvy
1936 :Ismail Merchant, Bombay India, producer (Householder)
1937 :O'Kelly Isley, Cincinnati Ohio, singer (Isley Brothers-Twist & Shout)
1938 :Wibo van de Linde, Dutch TV host/director (Avro)
1939 :Bob James, rocker
1939 :Christopher Wates, English real estate developer/multi-millionaire
1940 :Frans Moor, Dutch MP (PvdA)
1940 :Peter Brown, Chicago Il, rocker
1941 :Lex Hixon, religious teacher/author
1943 :Ravish Malhotra, India cosmonaut (Soyuz T-11 backup)
1943 :Trevor Lucas, rocker (Fairport Convention)
1944 :Henry Vestine, rock guitarist (Canned Heat-On the Road Again)
1944 :Mani Kaul, director (Idiot, Nazar, Dhrupad, Duvidha)
1944 :Rick Berman, [Richard], producer (Star Trek Generations)
1945 :Kenny Everett, British TV personality (Kenny Everett Show)
1945 :Noel Redding, rocker (The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Purple Haze)
1945 :Steve Mancha, [Clyde Wilson], US singer/songwriter (Too Many Cooks)
1946 :Jimmy Buffet, Mobile Alabama, vocalist (Margaritaville)
1948 :Barbara Mandrell, Houston Tx, singer/TV host (Mandrell Sisters)
1948 :Merry Clayton, rocker
1949 :Sissy Spacek, Quitman Tx (Carrie, Badlands, Coal Miner's Daughter)
1951 :Ria Thielsch, Dutch singer (Luv)
1953 :Arnella Flynn, Rome Italy, Errol Flynn's daughter
1954 :Annie Lennox, Aberdeen Scotld, vocalist (Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams, Why)
1954 :Robin Campbell, British reggae vocalist/guitarist (UB40-Red Red Wine)
1954 :Steve Wariner, Noblesville Indiana, country singer (Small Town Girl)
1955 :Claus Strigel, director (Obituary for the Automobile, Act of God)
1957 :Jillie Mack, Mrs Tom Selleck/actress (Magnum PI)
1957 :Shane McGowan, rock vocalist (Pogues-Red Roses For Me)
1959 :Michael P Anderson, Plattsburgh NY, major USAF/astronaut (STS 89)
1959 :Missy Cleveland, Jackson Miss, playmate (April, 1979)
1960 :Amy Grant, vocalist (That's What Love Is, Baby Baby)
1965 :Kathleen Luciano, Munich Ger, WPVA volleyballer (Nationals-17th-1993)
1966 :Sandy Corn, model/Penthouse Pet (March, 1991)
1967 :Kathleen Franey, Brooklyn NY, 1.5k runner
1968 :Helena Christensen, Copenhagen Denmark, model/actress (Inferno)
1968 :Scott Bullett, Martinsburg WV, outfielder (Chic Cubs)
1969 :Bernhard Jr, Prince of Netherlands
1971 :Marlon Forbes, safety (Chicago Bears)
1971 :Terry Vaughn, CFL receiver (Calgary Stampeders)
1972 :Fantasia, [Tonya Manley], Detroit Mich, dancer/actress (Pump it Up)
1974 :Chris Naeole, guard (New Orleans Saints)
1976 :Yazmin Fiallos, Miss Universe-Honduras (1996)



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