Birthdays of Personalities on December 21

xxxx :Delious, rapper (All-4-One - So Much in Love)
xxxx :Ray Acevedo, rocker (Menudo-Cannonball)
1117 :Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury
1518 :Mark van Vaernewijck, Flemish nobleman/politician
1537 :Johan III, king of Sweden (1569-92)
1573 :Mathurin R‚gnier, French poet (Macette)
1639 :Jean Racin, writer
1800 :Barnwell Rhett Robert, (Confederacy), died in 1876
1804 :Benjamin Disraeli, (Tory) British PM (1868, 1874-80)
1815 :Thomas Couture, French painter/author
1818 :Amalia, wife of king Otto of Greece
1818 :Lewis H Morgan, US, etnologist (Systems of Consanguinity)
1823 :Jean Henri Fabre, France, entomologist (insects & spiders)
1832 :John Henry Ketcham, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1906
1840 :Mehmed N Kemal, Turkish journalist (Vatan)
1849 :James Lane Allen, US writer (Kentucky Cardinal)
1853 :Isolde Kurz, German writer/poetess (Meine Mutter)
1859 :Gustave Kahn, France, poet (claimed to have invented vers libre)
1860 :Henrietta Szold, founder (Hadassah)
1872 :Albert P Terhune, US, novelist (Lad, a Dog)
1874 :Juan Bautista Sacasa, pres of Nicaragua (1932-36)
1879 :Joseph Stalin, [Dzoegashvili], Russian dictator; murdered 11,000,000
1879 :Theodore Limperg, business economist (substitute value)
1886 :Hermann A J Kees, German Egyptologist (Problems of Egyptology)
1890 :Fred M Vinson, US Supreme Court Justice (1946-53)
1891 :John W McCormack, (D) Speaker of House (1962-70)
1892 :Rebecca West, [Cicily I F Andrews], Engl author (Meaning of Treason)
1896 :Carl Romme, Dutch catholic foreman/KVP-min Socialist Business
1896 :Constantine Rokossovski, Russian marshal/vice-premier of Poland
1898 :EugŠne Dabit, French writer/painter (H“tel du Nord)
1898 :Ira S Bowen, US physicist/astronomer (Mt Wilson/Palomar)
1900 :Oda Schaefer, German author/poet (Die Windharfe, Ladies Only)
1900 :Wischnewski, writer
1901 :Juan A de Zunzunegui y Loredo, Spanish writer
1905 :Anthony Powell, England, novelist (Infants of Spring)
1907 :Garmt Stuiveling, Dutch literary (Poet in Love)
1908 :Pat Weaver, LA Calif, TV Executive (started Today show)
1909 :George Ball, Iowa, lawyer/undersecretary of state
1909 :Seich“ Matsumoto, Dutch Japanese detective/playwright (10 to Sen)
1916 :Eve Perrick, journalist
1916 :John Boon, publisher
1917 :Alicia Alonso, Havana Cuba, ballerina (American Ballet Theatre)
1917 :Andre Eglevsky, choreographer (Limelight)
1917 :Heinrich B”ll, Germ, writer (Group Portrait with Lady, Nobel '72) [NS]
1918 :Donald Regan, White House staffer/US Secretary of Treasury (1981-85)
1918 :Kurt Waldheim, Nazi/4th UN Sec-Gen (1972-81)/Austrian pres (1986-92)
1921 :Alica Alonso, Havana, ballerina
1921 :James Tye, safety expert
1921 :Joan Dickson, cellist
1922 :Paul Winchell, NYC, ventriloquist (Jerry Mahoney, Knucklehead Smith)
1924 :Joe Paterno, football coach (Penn State, SI Sportsman of 1986)
1924 :Johan W "Jo" van Marle, KNVB-chairman (1980-93)
1924 :Rita Reys, [Maria Reijs], Dutch jazz singer
1927 :Michael Carreras, film director
1930 :Willem R "Wim" van der Zee, secretary of Council of Churches
1931 :Caroline Kaart, [Paterson Raitt], Dutch alto singer
1933 :Huib Eversdijk, Dutch 2nd chamber member (CDA)
1935 :Phil Donahue, Cleve Ohio, talk show host (Phil Donahue Show)
1937 :Harald, Crown Prince, son of King Olav V, heir apparent of Norway
1940 :Frank Zappa, Baltimore, rocker (Mothers of Invention, Catholic Girls)
1940 :Paul, [Ray Hildebrand], Tx, singer (Hey Paula)
1942 :Carla Thomas, US singer (Let Me Be Good to You)
1943 :Albert Lee, rocker
1943 :Walter Spanghero, French rugby player
1944 :Michael Tilson Thomas, LA Calif, conductor (NY Phil Young People)
1945 :Millie Hughes-Fulford, Wells Tx, astronaut (STS 40)
1946 :Carl Dean Wilson, Hawthorne Calif, rock vocalist (Beach Boys-Barbie)
1946 :Christopher Keene, Berkeley Calif, conductor (La Traviata)
1948 :Willem AFG Vermeend, Dutch economist/undersecretary of Finance (1994-)
1953 :Andras Schiff, Budapest Hungary, pianist (Tchaikovsky-1974)
1953 :Arie Luyendyk, Netherlands, Indy-car racer (1990 Indianapolis 500)
1953 :Betty Wright, US gospel/singer/TV hostess (Little Miss Broadway)
1953 :Tina Brown, journalist (New Yorker)
1956 :Lee Roy Parnell, Abilene Texas, country singer (Oughta be a Law)
1960 :Roger McDowell, Cincinnati OH, pitcher (NY Mets, Balt Orioles)
1962 :Christy Forester, Lookout Mt Ga, country singer (Forester Sister-Men)
1964 :Ed Jongsma, Dutch pop bassist (Sleeze Beez-Look Like Hell)
1965 :Rodney Thomas, WLAF cornerback (Barcelona Dragons)
1967 :Kristi Cooke, Marion Ohio, Miss Ohio-America (1991)
1970 :Ronnie Woolfork, WLAF linebacker (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1971 :Irena Slavutskay, Israel, athlete (Oly-1996)
1971 :Jey Phillips, WLAF DB (Amsterdam Admirals)
1973 :Mike Alstott, fullback (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
1974 :Raymond Austin, cornerback/safety (NY Jets)
1974 :Tommie Boyd, wide reciever (Detroit Lions)
1978 :Amber Corwin, Harbor City Ca, figure skater (1997 National Sr - 5th)



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