Birthdays of Personalities on December 20

xxxx :Charlie Callas, Bkln, comedian/actor (High Anxiety, Hysterical)
xxxx :Luisa Maria Guell, Havana Cuba, singer (Tres Palabras)
1579 :John Fletcher, Elizabethan dramatist (Phylaster) (baptized)
1629 :Pieter de Hoogh, Dutch painter
1659 :Fran‡ois Fagel, Dutch lawyer/statesman
1720 :Charles Edward Stuart, [Bonnie Prince Charlie/Young Pretender]
1805 :Thomas Graham, father of colloid chemistry
1807 :Richard Lucian Page, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1901
1808 :Thomas Tinsley Craven, Commander (Union Navy), died in 1887
1813 :Samuel Jordan Kirkwood, (Gov-Iowa)/US Sect of Interior (1881-82)
1819 :John Geary, 1st SF postmaster, 1st mayor (May 1, 1850)
1825 :Romeyn Beck Ayres, Bvt Major General (Union Army), died in 1888
1833 :Samuel A Mudd, doctor, convicted of giving medical aid to JW Booth
1841 :Ferdinand-douard Buisson, France, educator (Nobel Peace Prize 1927)
1858 :Jean/Johannes T "Jan" Toorop, Dutch painter/graphic artist (3 Brides)
1859 :Antonius J Derkinderen, Dutch painter/etcher
1865 :Maude Gonne, Irish nationalist (Irish Joan of Arc)
1868 :Harvey S Firestone, Industrialist, where the rubber meets the road
1870 :Pieter C Boutens, Dutch poet (Voices, Carmina)
1875 :T F Powys, Wales, writer (Captain Patch, Goat Green)
1876 :Jan Van Oudshoorn, [Jan K Feylbrief], Dutch writer (Maze of Senses)
1876 :Walter S Adams, US astronomer/director of Mount Wilson (1923-46)
1884 :Marius HLW "Max" Blokzijl, Dutch nazi collaborator/traitor
1894 :Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, 12th Australian PM (1939-41, 1949-66)
1895 :Susanne Langer, US, philosopher/educator (Philosophy in a New Key)
1900 :Gabby Harnett, (NL MVP 1935)
1901 :Louis I Kahn, US architect [or Feb 20]
1901 :Robert Van de Graaff, Alabama, physicist (Mobility of Gaseous Ions)
1902 :George EAE, English prince/earl of St Andrews
1902 :Max Lerner, US, columnist (NY Post)
1902 :Sidney Hook, anticommunist philosopher (Paradoxes of Freedom)
1904 :[Schmidt] Hans Burkhardt, artist
1906 :Dick White, head of British secret service (MI-5/MI-6)
1906 :Irving Krick, meteorologist
1908 :Norman Hackforth, broadcaster
1911 :Hortense Calisher, NYC, novelist (Arts & Letters 1967)
1915 :Aziz Nesin, writer
1920 :V„in” Linna, writer
1922 :George Roy Hill, dir (Slap Shot, Little Drummer Girl, Little Romance)
1923 :Nadine Gordimer, Springs South Africa, novelist
1924 :F Mayr”cker, writer
1925 :Bob de Moor, Flemish comic strip artist (Kuifje, Lion of Flanders)
1925 :Datuk Seri Mahathir bin Mahamad, premier of Malaysia (1981- )
1925 :Frederick Edward Nicklin, architect
1926 :David Levine, US painter
1927 :Jim Simpson, sportscaster
1928 :Charles Donald Adams, singer
1929 :Milan Panic, premier of little Yugoslavia
1933 :Gordon Getty
1933 :Rik Van Looy, Belgian cyclist (world champion, 1961)
1939 :Agatha N "Kim" Weston, US gospel/singer (It Takes Two)
1939 :Dianne Arndt, artist/photographer
1940 :Larry Willis, rock keyboardist (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
1941 :Frank Creton, Suriname/Neth painter
1942 :Robert L Hayes, Jacksonville Fla, 100m/4x100m runner (Oly-2 gold-1964)
1944 :G Wolfgruber, writer
1944 :Robert Colomby, NYC, rock drummer (Blood Sweat & Tears-When I Die)
1946 :Patti Smith, singer/songwriter
1946 :Uri Geller, Israel, psychic (bends forks)
1947 :Gigliola Cinquetti, Italian singer
1947 :Peter Criss[coula], Bkln NY, rocker (Kiss-Beth)
1948 :"Little" Stevie Wright, rocker (Easybeats)
1949 :Claudia Jennings, [Mary Ellen Chestrerton], Minn, playmate (Nov, 1969)
1950 :Alex Chllton, rocker
1955 :Ed Kuepper, German/Australian, singer/songwriter (Saints)
1955 :Sammy Mitchell, US programmer (Qedit/TSE/Semware)
1957 :Anita Baker, [Ward], Detroit Mi, vocalist (Rapture)
1957 :Billy Bragg, singer/songwriter
1957 :Mike Watt, US bassist (Rockband Firehose)
1958 :Billy Bragg, British rocker (It Says Here, Ideology)
1960 :Carolyn Seaward, Devonshire England, Miss United Kingdom (1979)
1961 :Bonnie Marino, Cleveland Oh, playmate (Jun, 1990)
1966 :Chris Robinson, singer (Black Crowes)
1967 :Wendy Hamilton, Detroit Mich, playmate (Dec, 1991)
1970 :Jason Simmons, CFL/WLAF defensive tackle (Roughriders, Claymores)
1970 :Scott Slutzker, tight end (Indianapolis Colts)
1973 :Barry Stokes, WLAF offensive linesman (Rhein Fire)
1973 :Muadianvita Kazadi, linebacker (St Louis Rams)



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