Birthdays of Personalities on December 17

1493 :Philippus A Paracelsus, Swiss physician/alchemist (Liber paramixum)
1554 :Ernst of Bayern, prince/bishop of Liege/archbishop of Cologne
1619 :Ruprecht, prince of Palts/admiral/chemist/engraver/mathematician
1706 :Chƒtelet, la belle Emilie, French writer
1706 :Gabrielle Chƒtelet, [La belle Emilie], French writer (Voltaire)
1734 :William Floyd, US soldier/signer (Declaration of Independence)
1778 :Hunphry Davy, English chemist (discovered some elements)
1797 :Joseph Henry, US, scientist/inventor/pioneer of electromagnetism
1800 :Gergely Czuczor, Hung/Czech poet/translator (Great Hung dictionary)
1801 :Johan NMJ, king of Saxon (1854-73) (translated Divina Commedia)
1807 :John Greenleaf Whittier, US, poet (Snow-bound)
1819 :Samuel Jones, Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1887
1820 :Frederick Tracy Dent, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1892
1821 :Frederick West Lander, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1862
1824 :John Kerr, System physicist (electro-visually Kerr-effect)
1824 :Manning Ferguson Force, Bvt Mjr Gen (Union volunteers), died in 1899
1824 :Thomas Starr King, NY, Unitarian clergyman (Christianity & Humanity)
1830 :Jules de Goncourt, France, novelist (Germinie)
1833 :James Thadeus Holtzclaw, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1893
1835 :Alexander E Agassiz, US, businessman/biologist/geology
1842 :Marius Sophus Lie, Norwegian mathematician (continous groups)
1859 :Willem C Grnings, Cura‡aos publisher (People's Friend)
1873 :Ford Madox Ford, England, novelist/editor (Inheritors)
1874 :William Lyon Mackenzie King, (L), 10th Canadian PM (1921-30, 1935-48)
1876 :J£lio A Peixoto, Brazilian writer (O esfinge)
1881 :Johannes CB "Jan" Sluyters, Dutch painter
1889 :Vaslav F Nijinski, Ukraine/US ballet dancer (l'aprŠs-midi d'une faune)
1893 :Erwin Piscator, German stage director (Der Stellvertreter)
1894 :Arthur Fiedler, Boston Mass, conductor (Boston Pops)
1894 :Hans Henny Jahnn, writer
1894 :Hans [Henry] Kramers, Dutch theoretical physicist (quantum mechanics)
1894 :Willem Schermerhorn, Neth premier (1945-46)
1895 :David Butler, SF CA, director (April in Paris, Calamity Jane)
1902 :Simon Drach, writer
1903 :Erskine P Caldwell, author (Tobacco Road, God's Little Acre)
1904 :Paul Cadmus, NYC, etcher/painter (Sailors & Floozies)
1905 :Joseph Heifitz, film director
1908 :Willard Frank Libby, inventor (carbon-14 "atomic clock" (Nobel 1960))
1909 :Ferdinand H Aus der Fnten, German war criminal (Breda 4)
1916 :Antoine G T "Toon" Hermans, Dutch entertainer/poet (Kolderliedjes)
1922 :Eric Brand, diplomat
1922 :Hubert H A Beckers, Cura‡aoan opera singer
1926 :Jeremy Brooks, writer
1928 :Marilyn Beck, newspaper columnist
1929 :William Safire, political columnist (NY Times)/speech writer (Nixon)
1930 :Bob Guccione, [Robert C J Edwa], US publisher (Penthouse, Omni)
1931 :Yvonne Keuls, [Bamberg], Dutch writer (Jan Rap & Co)
1933 :Paul Snoek, [Edm Schietekat], Belgian poet
1936 :Frank Martinus Arion, [F Efraim M], Antilles, writer (Double Play)
1936 :Roland Sheldon, pitcher (NY Yankees)
1936 :Tommy Steele, London, singer/actor (« a Sixpence, Finian's Rainbow)
1937 :Art Neville, New Orleans LA, vocalist (Neville Brothers)
1939 :Eddie Kendricks, Alabama, rocker (Temptations-My Girl, Boogie Down)
1943 :Dave Dee, rocker
1944 :Jack L[aurence] Chalker, US, sci-fi author (Saga of Well World)
1946 :Eugene Levy, Hamilton Canada, comedian/writer (SCTV)
1947 :Simon Bates, English DJ
1948 :Jim Alexander, rocker
1948 :Jim Bonfanti, rocker (Raspberries-Go All the Way)
1949 :Paul Rodgers, Engl, rocker (Bad Company-Feel Like Makin Love, Firm)
1950 :Carlton Barrett, Jamaicans reggae drummer (Bob Marley & Wailers)
1951 :Wanda Hutchison, rocker
1952 :Hans Alders, Dutch minister of environment (PvdA)
1952 :Mickey Jones, Wash DC, rock bassist
1953 :Ikue Ile Mori, rocker
1953 :Mark Gane, Toronto Canada, rocker (M+M)
1957 :Bob Ojeda, pitcher (NY Mets)
1958 :Mike Mills, US pop bassist (REM-One I Love)
1961 :Sarah Dallin, rocker (Bananarama-Venus)
1961 :Venice Kong, St Mary Jamaica, playmate (September, 1985)
1968 :Curtis Pride, Washington DC, outfielder (Detroit Tigers)
1969 :Marc Davis, Oceanside Calif, 3K steeplechase runner (Goodwill-gold-94)
1969 :Scott Player, WLAF punter (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1970 :Benedictine, [St Bernard]; becomes heaviest known dog (137 kg)
1971 :Alyson Habetz, Crowley LA, female pitcher (Colo Silver Bullets)
1971 :Mark Byers, WLAF linebacker (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1972 :Dewayne Washington, cornerback (Minnesota Vikings)
1972 :Don Davis, linebacker (New Orleans Saints)
1975 :Napiera Danielle Groves, Miss USA-Wash DC (1997, Miss Congeniality)
1979 :Cheri Vivette Alexander, Miss District of Columbia Teen USA (1997)



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