Birthdays of Personalities on April 6

1483 :Raphael Sanzio, Italian painter/master builder (Madonna Sistina)
1671 :Jean-Baptiste Rousseau, French playwright/poet (Sacred Odes & Songs)
1741 :Sébastien-Roch-Nicolas Chamfort, French playwright (Maximes)
1773 :James Mill, Scotland, philosopher/historian (Hist of British India)
1806 :Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, poet
1810 :Philip Gosse, intentor of institutional aquarium, writer (Omphalos)
1812 :Aaron Bernstein, writer
1819 :Johann A H Scheler, Belgian librarian
1823 :Joseph Medill, St John NB Canada, newspaper editor (Chicago Tribune)
1826 :Gustave Moreau, French painter
1828 :Charles William Field, Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1892
1830 :James Augustine Healy, Macon Ga, 1st black Roman Catholic bishop
1833 :Johan H C Kern, Dutch linguist (Sanskrit, Old Javan)
1860 :René Lalique, French jewel designer
1866 :Butch Cassidy, [Robert Parker], US desperado (Wild Bunch Passage)
1866 :Joseph Lincoln Steffens, muckraker/journalist (Shame of the Cities)
1869 :Louis Raemakers, Dutch draftsman/painter
1871 :Alexander, grandson of England's Queen Victoria
1874 :Harry Houdini, [Erich Weiss], Hungary, famous magician/escape artist
1878 :Erich Mühsam, writer
1883 :Mien Labberton, Dutch poetress
1888 :Daniel Andersson, Swedish poet/writer (Svarta Ballader)
1889 :Barry Macollum, Northern Ireland
1889 :Gabriela Mistral, writer
1890 :André L Danjon, French astronomer
1890 :Anthony Herman Gerard Fokker, Holland, aircraft pioneer (Spider)
1892 :Donald Wills Douglas, US, aircraft pioneer (McConnell Douglas)
1892 :Lowell Thomas, Woodington Ohio, newscaster (High Adventure)
1898 :Bobby Gilbert, PA
1900 :Leo Robin, US writer (Thanks For the Memory)
1903 :Harold Edgerton, foremost high-speed photographer
1906 :John Betjeman, English Poet Laureate 1972-1984 (Mount Zion)
1910 :Desmond Dreyer, British admiral
1917 :Julian Faber, CEO (Willis Faber)
1918 :Joan Bernard, Principal (Trevelyan College, Durham)
1920 :Bernard Carter, British painter/etcher
1921 :Franta Belsky, British sculptor
1921 :Lord Moore of Wolvercote
1925 :John Knox, British supreme court justice
1925 :Marcus Worsley, Lord-Lieutenant of North Yorkshire
1926 :Ian Paisley, North Ireland, clergyman/MP
1927 :David Ingram, Vice-Chancellor (University of Kent at Canterbury)
1927 :Gerry Mulligan, British saxophonist/orch leader (Jazz on a Summer Day)
1928 :James Dewey Watson, chemist (co-discovered structure of DNA)
1929 :"Crazy" Joe Gallo, mobster
1929 :André Previn, Berlin Germany, conductor (London Symphony)/pianist
1929 :Arthur S Taylor Jr, US drummer/band leader (Taylor's Wailers)
1929 :Li Yuan-chia, artist
1929 :Willis Hall, British writer
1931 :Joan Carlyle, British soprano
1935 :Duke of Montrose
1935 :John Pepper Clark, Nigeria, writer (Horn, Song of a Goat)
1938 :Paul Daniels, British magician
1940 :Anne Campbell, MP
1940 :Homero Aridjis, Mexican poet (La Tumba de Filidor)
1942 :Phil Austin, comedian (Firesign Theater)
1943 :Harry Conroy, trade unionist
1943 :Joaquin Agostinho, Portuguese cyclist
1943 :Roger Cook, investigative journalist/broadcaster
1944 :Felicity Palmer, British mezzo-soprano
1944 :John Stax, rocker (Pretty Things-Don't Bring Me Down)
1944 :Michelle Phillips, rocker (Mamas & The Papas)
1945 :Rodney Bickerstaffe, trade unionist
1946 :Paul Beresford, MP
1947 :Jan Kees Wiebenga, Dutch MP (VVD)
1947 :Tony Cooner, Essex, drummer (Hot Chocolate-You Sexy Thing)
1949 :Mary Maples Dunn, college president (Smith College)
1950 :Dennis E Eckart, (Rep-D-OH, 1981- )
1951 :Ralph Cooper, Australia, drummer (Air Supply-All Out of Love)
1952 :Udo Dirkshneider, heavy metal rocker (Accept-Balls to the Wall, Udo)
1957 :Maurizio Damilano, Italian speed walker (30K World Record)
1959 :Dianne Brill, Tampa, fashion designer/party girl (Queen of the Night)
1961 :Rory Bremner, impressionist
1962 :Stan Cullimore, guitarist (Housemartins-Happy Hour, Over There)
1964 :Johnny Dee, heavy metal drummer (Britny Fox-Boys in Heat, King Kobra)
1966 :Kymberly Paige, Newport Beach Ca, playmate (May, 1987)
1971 :Anthony Redmon, guard (Arizona Cardinals)
1972 :Donald Blair, CFL slot back (Edmonton Eskimos)
1973 :Donnie Edwards, linebacker (KC Chiefs)
1973 :Randall Godfrey, linebacker (Dallas Cowboys)
1975 :Dannon Phillip Pampolina, rapper/drummer (Party)
1979 :Frederick MGDL Windsor, son of English prince Michael



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